Statistics Indonesia

This site provides information about this Indonesian governmental agency, as well as listing information on the country's statistics by both subject and region; summaries of new statistics; macroeconomic statistics; census summaries; abstracts, papers, and research; publications, and a statistical glossary. The macroeconomic statistics are reported monthly and can be downloaded with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Information includes charts on inflation, consumer price index, wholesale price index, exports and imports, and tourism. Where statistics are organized by subjects, one can find explanations and definitions of each subject, the methods used to gather statistical information, publications, and statistical tables.

The subjects featured are population, employment, social welfare, wages, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, energy, construction, tourism, foreign trade, transportation, communication, public finance, consumer price index, wholesale price index, consumption and expenditure, and national and regional accounts. If tables are not available on the site, they can be requested through Data Dissemination Services.