This site, run by Orley Amos at Oklahoma State, lists a large number of economically oriented web sites with a focus on educational materials for undergrads. One useful feature is the GLOSS*arama where you can search for over 1,100 economic terms and definitions with keywords of your choice. The site tries to be jargon-free, so students should find it friendly. Other features include the ECONOMIC Testing System (a stress-free way for students to test their economic knowledge); the AmosWorld Reading Room, which is a short-cut to free on-line economic instructional books available in AmosWorld; CLASS*portal, which provides access to instructional material for both introductory macroeconomics and microeconomics; ACRO*phobia, a database of descriptions of more than 200 economics-related acronyms; and STAT*opia, a database of over 150 official economics statistics, measurements, and numbers. The COURSE*land eTutor is a subscription service that provides "35 complete lessons on the essential topics covered in introductory microeconomic and introductory macroeconomic courses" (such as demand, production possibilities, money creation, and oligopoly), explanations of over 800 economics topics (many with interactive graphics), a glossary of over 1,800 economic terms and concepts, practice tests, summary points, study questions, and topic outlines. Subscriptions forCOURSE*land can be obtained on a monthly, semester, or yearly basis.