Besides offering support via e-mail, there are a number of additional services offered over the Internet for SHAZAM. The ftp site listed below contains SHAZAM procedures, command files, issues of SHAZAM Network News, and data and programs from an edition of Judge and other sources (not all information is available on both the ftp site).

The web site offers a wealth of information on SHAZAM itself: some manual chapters (still be modified for this environment), a description of its features, hardware requirements, lists of handbooks and disks, and examples and frequently asked questions. You can even order a copy on-line.

In addition, they offer a very interesting service: one can run SHAZAM programs remotely on their system. Via e-mail, a program can be sent to . It must start with a SHAZAM comment line (i.e. *), it must contain its own data, and they ask that you don't abuse this offering with large jobs that tie up the machine (they monitor usage). One can also use their web page to run programs. Either allows one to try out SHAZAM, or for old users to try the most recent version.