EViews (Quantitative Micro Software)

This firm sells EViews, an extremely comprehensive econometrics package with an object-oriented structure. This results in ease of use for users as they don't have to learn another syntax or wade through many menus. Its numerous features include:

  • basic statistics
  • seasonal adjustment (including X11, X12-ARIMA, and Tramo/Seats)
  • basic estimation
  • ARCH and its variants
  • GMM
  • limited dependent variables of many types
  • system estimation
  • vector autoregressions
  • pooled time series-cross section models
  • state-space models
  • maximum likelihood models
  • extensive specification evaluation and diagnostics
  • forecasting
  • data management (including support for RATS, TSP, GiveWin, and Aremos
  • TSD files)
  • file import and export (ASCII text, XLS, WK1, WK3, and TSD files)
  • graphical output
  • object-oriented matrix programming language (offers access to
  • all menu commands)

    The only fundamental capacity constraint in EViews is that no single data series or matrix can have more than 4 million observations. Supported platforms include Windows 95/98/ME, as well as Windows NT/4.0/2000.

    Besides information on EViews, the site also offers software updates, data for several textbooks, and information on EViews training and consulting.