Netlib is a numerical software library with approximately 50 megabytes of code. The routines, mostly in Fortran, are generally of high quality (many were developed at U.S. national labs or by professional numerical analysts). The popularity of Netlib is attested by the number of times it has been contacted -- at last count, nearly 23 million times.

Packages include Linpack, Eispack, and their successor, Lapack (including a pre-release version in C), fftpack, the Harwell sparse matrix routines, Hompack, Lanczos, and Minpack. There are many other more specialized libraries. There is also code from various texts (but not Numerical Recipes), and code from the ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (more than 500 different routines here alone). There are also many directories organized not by package, but by subject (each entry is code by different authors). Finally, there are various tools for Fortran and C users.

In all, there are nearly 150 directories covering nearly every imaginable area in numerical computation. Any user of numerical methods would be well advised to be familiar with it.

Netlib is available via e-mail, ftp, and the web. Introductory material on Netlib can be found in the first entries of the web, and ftp interfaces. For an e-mail introduction, write "send index" in the body of a message addressed to one of the sites listed below, and in return you will receive general directions.

You can search the contents of Netlib via e-mail (the method is explained in the e-mail directions) and via the web interface. The latter is more flexible, but you must carefully read the directions.

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