This firm offers three products to its customers covering 191 countries. The first is "Country Reviews," which provide "an in-depth and up-to-date detailed written review" of each country. These are updated twice a year. As an indication of their breadth of each review, the one for France is 76 pages. Other products include "Country Wire," a country by country set of news items, "Country Briefing," where the firm provides an in-person presentation, CountryWatch@School, which offers extensive material for the classroom, CountryWatch Data (8 years of macro data in numerous categories and some 200,000 observations) and CountryWatch Map Gallery. Finally, they also offer "globally integrated" forecasts that go five years into the future.

While the complete reports are fee-based (and one can purchase all of the reports or a report for just one country), there is considerable free material. There is also an educational discount.