Berkeley Electronic Press


This new publisher, started by several faculty members at U.C. Berkeley, is innovative in many different ways. They currently offer three economics journals: The B.E. Journals in Theoretical Economics , The B.E. Journals in Macroeconomics and The B.E. Journals in Economic Analysis and Policy . All processing is electronic, and they claim to have the time from submission to publication as short as eight weeks. They rank papers by their perceived importance by placing them in different sections of each of their journals ("Frontiers, Advances. Contributions, Topics"). Thus, authors do not have to make the difficult judgment of what journal to submit a paper to, and then have to wait months for a decision. Perhaps the most interesting feature is their "Authors and Reviewers' Bank." Referees receive a credit, while submitters (if they pay no optional submission fee) receive a debt. That debt can be repaid by reviewing, but in the extreme the submitter will have to make a payment (although this is certainly not the desired outcome).