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Interuniversity Center for Experimental Economics LabSi; Santa Chiara Graduate School,University of Siena

September 20-21, 2010
2010 LabSi Conference on ???Neuroscience and Decision Making??
Siena, Collegio S. Chiara, University of Siena, Italy
The purpose of this conference is to provide an open discussion forum for research in the intersection of neuroscience, psychology and economics of decision-making and to set a stage for the presentation of recent contributions. In order to promote the integration of neuroscience and decision making as a whole, we invite researchers and students to submit papers on the following topics: - Cognitive biases in information collection and processing - Neural basis of the processes of preference formation - The role of emotion and motivation in decision making - Psychological and neural basis of attention in decision making - Behavioral and neural basis of self control and emotion regulation - Behavioral and neural basis of intertemporal choice - The role of memory in decision making - Cognitive foundations of learning processes - Cognitive studies on social interactions - Behavioral and cognitive studies on economic and financial markets - The role of cognitive biases in organizations and institutions [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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