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University of Jena, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence - European Economic Integration ??? Rules and Institutions

May 07-09, 2015
Project conference "European Economy and People's Mobility" - Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence
Jena, ???Rosens?_le?? , F?_rstengraben 27, Germany
In its project conference, the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Jena addresses the issue from an interdisciplinary perspective. In economic terms, "factor mobility" is an important tool for achieving economic wealth, particularly with respect to the common currency within the Economic and Monetary Union. More than other economic trans-border processes, the mobility of individuals has important repercussions upon social and social-psychological situations within the Member States. From all legal issues involved, the development of labour law is of utmost importance, given the conflict between fundamental freedoms and the fundamental right to strike, the tension between freedom of services and the extension of the host country's working conditions to the employment relationships of posted workers as well as the impact of the ECJ's recent case law on the freedom establishing systems of board-level participation (such as the German "Mitbestimmung"). [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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