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Asian Business and Organisational Research Group (ABORG), Edith Cowan University; Center for Economic and Social Studies in Asia (CESSA), Yokohama National University

November 27-29, 2014
2014 Asia-Pacific Business Conference "Free Trade Agreements and Regional Integration in East Asia: Prospects, Challenges and Implications"
Perth, Exchange Plaza, Australia
Topics: - Free trade agreements: impacts and challenges - Intra-regional trade and direct investment - FTA and business environment changes - Challenges for accounting, auditing and governance in an integrated East Asian region - Global and regional value chains - Issues on globalization and economic integration - The economics of currency internationalization: costs and benefits - Dynamic integration process of the Chinese economy and the East Asian region - Foreign exchange rates arrangement in the East Asian region - Chinese RMB and the source of global current account imbalances - Economic and financial crisis in the region: policy responses - Financial liberalisation and the finance-growth nexus - Nexus between international financial integration and global imbalances - FTA between Australia and Japan - FTA between Australia and China [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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