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- Lewiatan Confederation; BUSINESSEUROPE

Dates:September 25-27, 2013
Description:European Forum for New Ideas
Location:Sopot, Sheraton Grand Hotel, Poland
Subject:The European Forum for New Ideas is an international conference of business communities, also attended by representatives of the cultural sector, scholars and politicians. Plenary sessions: - How to heal the Old Continent? Ideas and values for overcoming the crisis - Economic architecture for a new Europe. How to make institutions, governance and regulations to foster long-lasting growth? - New technologies versus democracy, society and the market Discussion panels: - How to unlock innovation of the European economy - Green growth. Myth or opportunity? - Future at risk. How to save the young generation? - How to strengthen the Euro club without dividing Europe? - Energy security. Which model for whom? - How can diversity in employment change the economy? - Lessons from the crisis what has the European economy learned? - Economic freedom versus regulation: where should the boundaries be set? - Smart Cities. Challenges for the development of Europe - Europe 60+. Ageing society as a challenge for development - The end of television as we know it opportunities and threats for European integration - Tigers of Europe - Visionaries 2013 [gem_ den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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