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Centre for Central Banking Studies, Bank of England

November 27-29, 2012
Expert forum: topical issues in human resources - Centre for Central Banking Studies
London, United Kingdom
This forum provides an opportunity for senior human resource (HR) practitioners to work with others in the field on a number of issues which central banks face. The event will be structured to allow a mixture of external input, sharing of ideas and expertise, co-coaching and problem solving. It will balance the need for pragmatism with an opportunity to have space to reflect and learn. The aim is to develop a diverse resource pool not only for the three days, but as a network that can be drawn upon in the future. The topics covered will reflect the needs of the delegates and are likely to include: - positive psychology; - recruiting and developing ???Generation Y??; - flexible working; - encouraging diversity; - performance management; and - talent management. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information] The website is no longer available. [Redaktion EconBiz - editors EconBiz]
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