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International Association for Research in Income and Wealth IARIW; German Federal Statistical Office

August 21-27, 2016
34th IARIW General Conference - International Association for Research in Income and Wealth
Dresden, Westin Bellevue Conference Hotel, Germany
Conference Sessions: Session 1: Globalization, Growth and Jobs Session 2: The Great Recession and the Middle Class Session 3: Dealing with Non-Market Services Session 4: Accounting for Natural Resources Session 5: Measurement of Household Wealth Session 6: Economic Change and its Impact on Income and Health Session 7: Well-being Session 8: Accounting for Real Estate Session 9: The Ageing Society Session 10: Integrating Micro and Macro Approaches to National Income Analysis: Theory and Pratice Session 11: Accounting for Finance in the Economy and the SNA Session 12: Meeting the Challenges of National and International Economic Statistical Offices Session 13: Explaining Productivity Trends Session 14: New Approaches to Studying the Causes and Consequences Poverty, Inequality, Polarization, and Social Conflict [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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