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EconomiX-CNRS and the Doctoral School EOS of the Universit? Paris Ouest - Nanterre La D?fense; CeReFiM from the University of Namur; CESAM from the Universit? Catholique de Louvain-Louvain School of Management; LEO from the Universit? d'Orl?ans

March 18-18, 2015
4rd PhD Student Conference in International Macroeconomics and Financial Econometrics
Nanterre, Universit? Paris Ouest - Nanterre La D?fense, Conference room "B" Building, France
Sessions and covered topics: International macroeconomics: - Exchange rates (nominal and real exchange rates, equilibrium exchange rates), exchange-rate policies and exchange-rate regimes; - Economic growth, business cycles and economic policies; - Transmission of commodity price shocks; - Monetary integration and the international monetary system, - Other topics Financial econometrics: - Asset prices and market volatility, asset allocation; - Systemic risk, financial network, interbank network; - Interactions between financial markets and energy markets; - Survey data, asset prices expectations and earnings forecasts; - Credit risk, stress tests and default probabilities estimations; Sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors, - Yield curve modelling, stocks-bonds nexus, etc. - M&A, corporate governance, etc. - Other topics [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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