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European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management EIASM; Department of Management, Bern University of Applied Sciences

September 13-14, 2012
7th EIASM colloquium on the subject of Organizational Change and Development (OCD)
Bern, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
The Seventh EIASM Colloquium will focus on complex change management projects in organizations and society. People play the leading part in all debates about change. People have been at the heart of many inquiries into change management since the earliest days of the discipline, but it needs to be understood how their role has changed over the years. Over time, people have (presumably) learnt to deal with most types of change management projects that they are being confronted with in the organizations (be they companies, institutions, schools, political parties etc.) and social environment that they are part of. This poses the following questions: - How does change management research respond to this situation? - Which tools and concepts have been found as a reaction?
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