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German Network for Business Ethics (DNWE); European Business Ethics Network EBEN; ESMT European School of Management and Technology

June 12-14, 2014
EBEN Annual Conference 2014 "Business Ethics in a European Perspective: A Case for Unity in Diversity?" and the DNWE Annual Meeting
Berlin, European School of Management and Technology, Germany
At a time when the European project is facing big challenges, the EBEN Annual Conference 2014 will put questions related to economy and business ethics in a European perspective. The economy has been the central driving force in the successful legal and economic EU integration process. What role should companies and other players take in further strengthening the cultural, social and economic integration process ??? if this is really desirable? What is Europe??s part in the creation of global standards in business and culture? Does a ???Cultural Europe?? already exist, one that influences approaches and action of European stakeholders on the world stage more than they are aware? The question of unity and historically influenced diversity, natural in politics, has not yet been integrated in a total concept in the field of business ethics. Many questions are being discussed with no regard to the European dimension, focusing either only on the regional and national economy or on global economic relations. The EBEN Annual Conference will emphasize European topics, taking into account that the conference will be held directly following the election of the European Parliament.
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