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CIGAR Network - Comparative International Governmental Accounting Research; Ghent University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

June 09-10, 2011
13th Biennial CIGAR Conference 2011 - Comparative International Governmental Accounting Research
Ghent, Faculty of Economics, Ghent University, Belgium
The theme of the congress is "Bridging public sector and non-profit sector accounting". Papers dealing with, but not limited to, the following questions are particularly welcomed: - What are the challenges of accrual accounting in the governmental and non-profit sector? - Difficulties with performance management in a governmental/non-profit context? - What is the role of financial accounting in the subsidization process? - Internal control and internal audit in governmental and non-profit organizations: a need? - How do oversight bodies look to the financial statement of non-profit institutions? - IPSAS: why do some countries implement them and others not? - IPSAS and the ESA 95: how do they relate to each other? - Whole of Government Accounting: an utopia? - Is there a need for International Non-Profit Sector Accounting Standards? - Auditing in a governmental/non-profit environment: difficulties and challenges? [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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