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Spanish Association of Law and Economics / Asociaci?_n Espa?ola de Derecho y Econom?_a; Cat?_lica Global School of Law, Portugal; Cat?_lica Research Centre for the Future of Law, Lisbon, Portugal

June 30-July 01, 2016
7th Annual Conference of the Spanish Association of Law and Economics (Asociaci?_n Espa?ola de Derecho y Econom?_a)
Lisbon, Portugal
Conference will announce the papers selected among the original works received on all topics related to Law and Economics. Subjects of special interest for the Conference, with particular emphasis on the Portuguese, Spanish or European systems and institutions, are the following: Antitrust and Regulation ??? Bankruptcy Law ??? Behavioral Law and Economics ??? Contracts and Commercial Law ??? Securities and Financial Regulation ??? Comparative Law and Economics ??? Corporate Law and Corporate Governance ??? Tort Law and Compensation Systems ??? Criminal Law ??? Environmental Law ??? Experimental Law and Economics ??? Family Law, Gender, and Discrimination ??? Health Law ??? Property Law, including Intellectual Property and Innovation ??? International Law and Trade???Labor, Employment and Immigration ??? Litigation, Dispute Resolution and the Legal Process ???Economics of Court Performance ??? Political Economy of the Law ??? Public and Administrative Law ??? Taxation and Social Welfare. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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