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EAPS Working Group on Anthropological Demography

December 13-14, 2007
Workshop of the EAPS Working Group ???The Anthropological Demography of Europe?? - TRANSNATIONALISM, FAMILY TIES, AND MIGRATION IN EUROPE
Institut National d??Etude D?mographiques, Paris, France
This workshop aims at understanding differences and similarities in migration processes in Europe from the point of view of the individual experience, that of the family organization, and that of the communities involved. Special attention is given to anthropological demographic research focusing on motivational, political, and legal dimensions of migration and on the interrelationship between migration and other demographic processes. Theoretical, empirical and methodological papers are equally welcome and should address one of the following topics: a. Circulation of people: permanent, return, recurrent, and conflict migration b. The role of individual, family, community, and institutions on migration c. Transnational families and transnational networks d. The gender dimension of migration e. Migration and strong family ties f. Migration and reproduction g. Methodological challenges of doing transnational research [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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