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AEJ Macroeconomics
ranks among the top ten economics journals according to the IDEAS/RePEc citation-based discounted impact factors.

The tables below reproduce citation-based journal impact factors and rankings reported by IDEAS/RePEc at The impact factor calculations rely on the Citations in Economics project ( and are updated daily.

The Simple Impact Factor reported by IDEAS/RePEc is the number of citations per item in the series. The tables below show the Discounted Simple Impact Factor and the Discounted Recursive Impact Factor. The discounted factors involve a simple adjustment for article age and are more suitable than the undiscounted factors for evaluating the citation experience of a young journal. Specifically, each citation is divided by article age in years (1 for the current year). For example, in 2007, a citation from an article in 2004 counts for 0.25. The recursive impact factor involves a further weighting by the impact factors of the citing items.

Currently (as of December 6, 2013), AEJ Macro ranks #5 according to the Discount Simple Impact Factor and #3 according to the Recursive Impact Factor. See below for a list of the top 15 journals according to the discounted impact factors and for selected other journals.

Rankings table
Rankings table 2

For current rankings, see:
IDEAS/RePEc Discounted Impact Factors for Journals
IDEAS/RePEc Recursive Discounted Impact Factors for Journals

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