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August 1, 2014 - January 31, 2015

Coherent Research Institute/Office of Ed Conard

This listing is inactive.
Economic Researcher

JOE ID Number: 2014-02_111452553
Date Posted: 12/26/2014
Date Inactive: 01/31/2015
Position Title/Short Description
Title: Economic Researcher
Section: Other Nonacademic (Temporary, Part-Time, Non-Salaried, Consulting, Etc.)
Locations: Manhattan, New York, UNITED STATES
New York, New York, UNITED STATES
JEL Classifications:
J6 -- Mobility, Unemployment, and Vacancies
I3 -- Welfare and Poverty
E2 -- Macroeconomics: Consumption, Saving, Production, Employment, and Investment
labor economics
income inequality
academic research

Salary Range: $200K+ depending on experience and time commitment
Full Text of JOE Listing:

Author and head of a small economic policy research firm is looking for a senior researcher to find and synthesize academic research related to poverty, education, and macroeconomics that fits the needs and narrative of a serious right-of-center book about U.S. economic policy, which is scheduled to be published in the Spring of 2016.

The researcher will not conduct fundamental research using raw data. Rather, they will network within the academic community to find existing research and leads for research. They must be able to understand the research including regression analysis, converse with the authors, draw independent conclusions, and, ultimately, find answers to questions raised by the author. In some cases, they will be responsible for finding hiring and supervising academic consultants to assist with searches.

For example, in the case of poverty, the author wants to know: Who are the poor? How much do we give them? How much should we give them? An experienced poverty researcher will recognize these are not easy questions to answer. There is no go-to source of information. The researcher must reconcile their conclusions with population statistics, government budgets, and leading academic research.

Responsibilities include:

• Find answers to questions raised by the authors;
• Find relevant academic and other research;
• Read extensively;
• Understand regression analysis;
• Synthesize and summarize the subject matter;
• Redirect the search process as findings evolve and roadblocks emerge;
• Find, develop, and maintain relationships with relevant experts;
• Hire outside experts if necessary to assist with the search and direct their work;

The firm is prepared to hire on a full or part-time basis depending on the experience and professional circumstances of the selected candidate.

Desired Skills and Experience

Ideal candidate has the following qualities and skills:

• At least 5-10 years of experience with this type of economic research;
• Ability to read and summarize complex economic research papers;
• Understand regression analysis;
• Extensive familiarity of the subject matter or one area of the subject matter
• Network of relationships with experts in their subject matter area;
• A free market economic philosophy;
• A PhD in economics is preferred;
• Manhattan resident is preferred;

Please send resume and cover letter detailing your most significant work experience and other special skills you feel are relevant to your application.

Application Requirements:
  • Letters of Reference
  • Research Papers
  • CV
  • Cover Letter
Application deadline: 01/16/2015
  • Application Deadline Has Passed