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Amarante, Verónica; Manacorda, Marco; Miguel, Edward and Vigorito, Andrea: Do Cash Transfers Improve Birth Outcomes? Evidence from Matched Vital Statistics, Program and Social Security Data

Barseghyan, Levon and Coate, Stephen: Property Taxation, Zoning, and Efficiency in a Dynamic Tiebout Model [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Appendix]

Beetsma, Roel; Cukierman, Alex and Giuliodori, Massimo: The Political Economy of Redistribution in the US in the Aftermath of World War II - Evidence and Theory

Bernheim, B. Douglas; Meer, Jonathan and Novarro, Neva K.: Do Consumers Exploit Commitment Opportunities? Evidence from Natural Experiments Involving Liquor Consumption [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Bitler, Marianne P. and Carpenter, Christopher S.: Health insurance Mandates, Mammography, and Breast Cancer Diagnoses [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Brooks, Leah and Lutz, Byron: From Today's City to Tomorrow's City: An Empirical Investigation of Urban Land Assembly [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Buchmueller, Thomas; Miller, Sarah and Vujicic, Marko: How Do Providers Respond to Changes in Public Health Insurance Coverage? Evidence from Adult Medicaid Benefits [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Burke, Marshall and Emerick, Kyle: Adaptation to Climate Change: Evidence from US Agriculture [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Cai, Jing: The Impact of Insurance Provision on Household Production and Financial Decisions [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Chang, Tom; Zivin, Joshua Graff; Gross, Tal and Neidell, Matthew: Particulate Pollution and the Productivity of Pear Packers [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Chen, Alice; Oster, Emily and Williams, Heidi: Why is Infant Mortality Higher in the US than in Europe? [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Cotti, Chad; Nesson, Erik and Tefft, Nathan: The Effects of Tobacco Control Policies on Tobacco Products, Tar, and Nicotine Consumption among Adults: Evidence from Household Panel Data

Cristea, Anca D. and Nguyen, Daniel X.: Transfer Pricing by Multinational Firms: New Evidence from Foreign Firm Ownerships [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Dwenger, Nadja; Kleven, Henrik; Rasul, Imran and Rincke, Johannes: Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations for Tax Compliance: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Germany [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Field, Erica; Jayachandran, Seema; Pande, Rohini and Rigol, Natalia: Friendship at Work: Can Peer Effects Catalyze Female Entrepreneurship? [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Freedman, Seth: Capacity and Utilization in Health Care: The Effect of Empty Beds on Neonatal Intensive Care Admission [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Goulder, Lawrence H.; Hafstead, Marc A. C. and Williams III, Roberton C.: General Equilibrium Impacts of a Federal Clean Energy Standard [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Graziani, Grant; van der Klaauw, Wilbert and Zafar, Basit: Workers’ Spending Response to the 2011 Payroll Tax Cuts

Gruber, Jonathan and McKnight, Robin: Controlling Health Care Costs Through Limited Network Insurance Plans: Evidence from Massachusetts State Employees [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Kopczuk, Wojciech; Marion, Justin; Muehlegger, Erich and Slemrod, Joel: Does Tax-Collection Invariance Hold? Evasion and the Pass-through of State Diesel Taxes [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Kreiner, Claus Thustrup; Leth-Petersen, Søren and Skov, Peer Ebbesen: Tax Reforms and Intertemporal Shifting of Wage Income: Evidence from Danish Monthly Payroll Records [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Lewis-Faupel, Sean; Neggers, Yusuf; Olken, Benjamin A. and Pande, Rohini: Can Electronic Procurement Improve Infrastructure Provision? Evidence from Public Works in India and Indonesia [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Manoli, Day and Weber, Andrea: Nonparametric Evidence on the Effects of Financial Incentives on Retirement Decisions [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Mazumder, Bhashkar and Miller, Sarah: The Effects of the Massachusetts Health Reform on Household Financial Distress [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Mironov, Maxim and Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina: Corruption in Procurement and the Political Cycle in Tunneling: Evidence from Financial Transactions Data [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Shapiro, Joseph S.: Trade Costs, CO2, and the Environment

Skimmyhorn, William: Assessing Financial Education: Evidence From Boot Camp [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Triyana, Margaret: Do Health Care Providers Respond to Demand-Side Incentives? Evidence from Indonesia [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Yang, Crystal S.: Resource Constraints and the Criminal Justice System: Evidence from Judicial Vacancies

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