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Regular Articles

Abaluck, Jason and Gruber, Jonathan: Evolving Choice Inconsistencies in Choice of Prescription Drug Insurance

Adrian, Tobias and Brunnermeier, Markus K.: CoVaR [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Aizer, Anna; Eli, Shari; Ferrie, Joseph and Lleras-Muney, Adriana: The Long Run Impact of Cash Transfers to Poor Families

Allcott, Hunt; Collard-Wexler, Allan and O'Connell, Stephen D.: How Do Electricity Shortages Affect Industry? Evidence from India [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Arcidiacono, Peter; Aucejo, Esteban and Hotz, V. Joseph: University Differences in the Graduation of Minorities in STEM Fields: Evidence from California [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Atkin, David: Endogenous Skills Acquisition and Export Manufacturing in Mexico

Attema, Arthur E.; Bleichrodt, Han; Gao, Yu; Huang, Zhenxing and Wakker, Peter P.: Measuring Discounting without Measuring Utility [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Barberà, Salvador; Berga, Dolors and Moreno, Bernardo: Group Strategy-Proofness in Private Good Economies [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Bartoš, Vojtěch; Bauer, Michal; Chytilová, Julie and Matějka, Filip: Attention Discrimination: Theory and Field Experiments with Monitoring Information Acquisition [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Bhutta, Neil and Keys, Benjamin J.: Interest Rates and Equity Extraction During the Housing Boom [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Blinder, Alan S. and Watson, Mark W.: Presidents and the US Economy: An Econometric Exploration [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Bustos, Paula; Caprettini, Bruno and Ponticelli, Jacopo: Agricultural Productivity and Structural Transformation. Evidence from Brazil [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Chandra, Amitabh; Finkelstein, Amy; Sacarny, Adam and Syverson, Chad: Healthcare Exceptionalism? Performance and Allocation in the US Healthcare Sector [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Chetty, Raj; Hendren, Nathaniel and Katz, Lawrence F.: The Effects of Exposure to Better Neighborhoods on Children: New Evidence from the Moving to Opportunity Experiment [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Coşar, A. Kerem; Guner, Nezih and Tybout, James: Firm Dynamics, Job Turnover, and Wage Distributions in an Open Economy [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Collin-Dufresne, Pierre; Johannes, Michael and Lochstoer, Lars A.: Parameter Learning in General Equilibrium: The Asset Pricing Implications [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Danan, Eric; Gajdos, Thibault; Hill, Brian and Tallon, Jean-Marc: Robust Social Decisions [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Diamond, Rebecca: The Determinants and Welfare Implications of US Workers' Diverging Location Choices by Skill: 1980–2000 [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Donaldson, Dave: Railroads of the Raj: Estimating the Impact of Transportation Infrastructure

Eliaz, Kfir and Spiegler, Ran: Search Design and Broad Matching [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Ellison, Glenn and Swanson, Ashley: Do Schools Matter for High Math Achievement? Evidence from the American Mathematics Competitions

Gertler, Paul J.; Shelef, Orie; Wolfram, Catherine D. and Fuchs, Alan: The Demand for Energy-Using Assets among the World’s Rising Middle Classes [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Hausman, Joshua K.: Fiscal Policy and Economic Recovery: The Case of the 1936 Veterans' Bonus [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Hoynes, Hilary W.; Schanzenbach, Diane Whitmore and Almond, Douglas: Long Run Impacts of Childhood Access to the Safety Net [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Ide, Enrique; Montero, Juan-Pablo and Figueroa, Nicolás: Discounts as a Barrier to Entry [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Imas, Alex: The Realization Effect: Risk-Taking After Realized Versus Paper Losses

Jacobi, Liana and Sovinsky, Michelle: Marijuana on Main Street? Estimating Demand in Markets with Limited Access

Kee, Hiau Looi and Tang, Heiwai: Domestic Value Added in Exports: Theory and Firm Evidence from China [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Kelly, Bryan; Lustig, Hanno and Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn: Too-Systemic-To-Fail: What Option Markets Imply About Sector-wide Government Guarantees [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Kline, Patrick and Tartari, Melissa: Bounding the Labor Supply Responses to a Randomized Welfare Experiment: A Revealed Preference Approach [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Korinek, Anton and Simsek, Alp: Liquidity Trap and Excessive Leverage [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Michalopoulos, Stelios and Papaioannou, Elias: The Long-Run Effects of the Scramble for Africa [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Mitman, Kurt: Macroeconomic Effects of Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Policies

Pierce, Justin R. and Schott, Peter K.: The Surprisingly Swift Decline of US Manufacturing Employment

Robalino, Nikolaus and Robson, Arthur: The Evolution of Strategic Sophistication [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Scheuer, Florian and Wolitzky, Alexander: Capital Taxation under Political Constraints

Schmieder, Johannes F.; von Wachter, Till and Bender, Stefan: The Effect of Unemployment Benefits and Nonemployment Durations on Wages [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Shmaya, Eran and Yariv, Leeat: Experiments on Decisions Under Uncertainty: A Theoretical Framework [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Steiner, Jakub and Stewart, Colin: Perceiving Prospects Properly [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Shorter Papers

Abdulkadiroglu, Atila; Angrist, Joshua D.; Hull, Peter and Pathak, Parag A.: Charters Without Lotteries: Testing Takeovers in New Orleans and Boston

Andrews, Isaiah and Barron, Daniel: The Allocation of Future Business: Dynamic Relational Contracts with Multiple Agents [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Atkin, David: The Caloric Costs of Culture: Evidence from Indian Migrants [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Bagde, Surendrakumar; Epple, Dennis and Taylor, Lowell: Does Affirmative Action Work? Caste, Gender, College Quality, and Academic Success in India

Bobonis, Gustavo J.; Cámara Fuertes, Luis R. and Schwabe, Rainer: Monitoring Corruptible Politicians

Deming, David J.; Yuchtman, Noam; Abulafi, Amira; Goldin, Claudia and Katz, Lawrence F.: The Value of Postsecondary Credentials in the Labor Market: An Experimental Study [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Dessein, Wouter; Galeotti, Andrea and Santos, Tano: Rational Inattention and Organizational Focus [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Emerick, Kyle; de Janvry, Alain; Sadoulet, Elisabeth and Dar, Manzoor H.: Technological Innovations, Downside Risk, and the Modernization of Agriculture [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Feldman, Naomi E.; Katuščák, Peter and Kawano, Laura: Taxpayer Confusion: Evidence from the Child Tax Credit [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Ito, Koichiro and Reguant, Mar: Sequential Markets, Market Power, and Arbitrage [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Masatlioglu, Yusufcan and Raymond, Collin: A Behavioral Analysis of Stochastic Reference Dependence

McKay, Alisdair; Nakamura, Emi and Steinsson, Jón: The Power of Forward Guidance Revisited

Ramondo, Natalia; Rodríguez-Clare, Andrés and Saborio-Rodríguez, Milagro: Trade, Domestic Frictions, and Scale Effects

Comments and Replies

Armenter, Roc and Koren, Miklós: A Balls-and-Bins Model of Trade: Reply [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Blum, Bernardo S.; Claro, Sebastian and Horstmann, Ignatius J.: A Balls and Bins Model of Trade: Comment [Preview]

Brock, J. Michelle; Lange, Andreas and Ozbay, Erkut Y.: Dictating the Risk - Experimental Evidence on Giving in Risky Environments: Reply [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Ketcham, Jonathan D.; Kuminoff, Nicolai V. and Powers, Christopher A.: Choice Inconsistencies among the Elderly: Evidence from Plan Choice in the Medicare Part D Program: Comment [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Krawczyk, Michal and Le Lec, Fabrice: Dictating the Risk: Comment [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Los, Bart; Timmer, Marcel P. and de Vries, Gaaitzen J.: Tracing Value-Added and Double Counting in Gross Exports: Comment [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Malmendier, Ulrike: Search Frictions on eBay and Beyond - A Reply to Schneider [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Schneider, Henry S.: The Bidder's Curse: Comment [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Schulz, Florian: On the Timing and Pricing of Dividends: Comment [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Alatas, Vivi; Banerjee, Abhijit; Chandrasekhar, Arun G.; Hanna, Rema and Olken, Benjamin A.: Network Structure and the Aggregation of Information: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia

Stahl, Jessica Calfee: Effects of Deregulation and Consolidation of the Broadcast Television Industry [Show Abstract] [Preview]

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