EconLit Desktop Link

In order to place a link (shortcut) to EconLit directly on your desktop you will need two items.

  1. The URL (Internet Address) where you access EconLit (e.g., library, college, etc).

  2. An Icon to represent it graphically.

To retrieve the Icon file:

  1. Right-click the Econlit Image above.

  2. Choose "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As" (depending on your browser)

  3. When the "Save As" (or something like that) appears, save the icon file to the root of your C drive. (c:\)

  4. Alternatively, you may also click on the "Get Icon" button below. (Note that, depending on your browser, you may be offered a choice of where to save the Icon or it may automatically be saved to a default location.

    For the shortcut to work you must make sure to move the Icon to your c:\ directory.

To retrieve the URL

  1. Open up a new browser window. (In order to navigate your library's (or other resource's) EconLit search page.)
  2. Navigate (in the new browser window) to the EconLit search page on your institution's website.

  3. When you have reached the correct page, copy the Web Site Address (URL) for that page by clicking once in the address/location bar of your browser (this will highlight the entire address) and by either:

    1. Right-clicking the highlighted text and choosing copy.

    2. Typing Control-C while the address is highlighted.
  4. When you have copied the URL, return to this window and paste it in the space below, replacing the default text.

  5. Now, choose a name for the shortcut and enter it below.

  6. You can then close the navigation window.

  7. Finally, click the button. You will be prompted to save a file called econlit.url (or the name you chose above). Save this file to your Windows desktop, or other location.

  8. Double-click on the desktop shortcut link to open a browser window directly to the Econlit search page that you selected.

  9. Repeat steps 1 - 8 to set up a second desktop link with a different name and location.

Disclaimer: This procedure will work for computers running various versions of the MS Windows Operating System. MacIntosh users may be able to use these files by modifying them and their locations.


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