AEA Sessions from the 2021 ASSA Annual Meeting

January 03 — 05

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Using Subjective Expectations of Individuals in Studies of Decision Making

Michael D. Hurd
Gender Differences in Job Search and the Earnings Gap: Evidence from Business Majors —
Patricia Cortes
, Jessica Pan
, Laura Pilossoph
, and Basit Zafar
Precise or Imprecise Probabilities? Evidence from Survey Response Related to Late-Onset Dementia —
Pamela Giustinelli
, Charles F. Manski
, and Francesca Molinari
The Causal Effects of Wages, Wealth, and Health on Retirement: Estimates Based on Subjective Conditional Probabilities —
Peter Hudomiet
, Michael D. Hurd
, and Susann Rohwedder
Job Seekers' Perceptions and Employment Prospects: Heterogeneity, Duration Dependence and Bias —
Andreas I. Mueller
, Johannes Spinnewijn
, and Giorgio Topa

Voting and Elections

Mattias Polborn
How Do Campaigns Shape Vote Choice? Multi-Country Evidence from 62 Elections and 56 TV Debates —
Vincent Pons
and Caroline Le Pennec
The Political Economy of Subsidy-Giving —
Cailin Slattery
Why Biased Endorsements Can Manipulate Elections —
Junze Sun
, Arthur Schram
, and Randolph Sloof
Positive Spillovers from Negative Campaigning —
Vincenzo Galasso
, Salvatore Nunnari
, and Tommaso Nannicini
Did Sanctions Help Putin? —
Aleksandra Peeva
Lobbying in Networks —
Ratul Das Chaudhury
, Birendra Rai
, and Matthew Leister

Water and Agriculture

Dan Bigelow
Groundwater, Energy, and Crop Choice: Evidence from California Agriculture —
Fiona Burlig
, Louis Preonas
, and Matt Woerman
Temporary Transfers and Water Use Efficiency for Prior Appropriations Agricultural Surface Water Rights: Empirical Evidence from Northwestern Nevada —
Gi-Eu Lee
, Kimberly Rollins
, and Loretta Singletary
Climate Change and the Water Capability to Export Agricultural Goods —
Charles Regnacq
, Fabien Candau
, and Julie Schlick
Heterogeneous Adaptations to Climate Change: Evidence from Cattle Production in the Brazilian Amazon —
Marin Skidmore
Climate and Economic Triggers of Cropland Change in the US: A Fine-Scale Spatial Analysis —
Luoye Chen
and Madhu Khanna

What Do We Know about Effectiveness of Bailout Provisions, Small-Business Support, and Impact on Inequality and the United States Recovery

Lisa D. Cook
Anat Admati
Heather Boushey
Anton Korinek
Atif Mian
, and
Emmanuel Saez

What Does Critical Thinking Mean in Economics, the Big and Little of It?

Gail Hoyt
What Does Critical Thinking Mean in Economics, the Big and Little of It? —
David Colander
and John Siegfried

Women in the Economics Profession with Lessons from Other STEM Fields

Shelly Lundberg
Who Belongs? How Much is Belonging Worth? The Determinants and Effects of Selective Membership in the Economics Profession —
Marieke Kleemans
and Rebecca Thornton
The Impact of Advisor Gender on Female Students’ STEM Enrollment and Persistence —
Serena P. Canaan
and Pierre Mouganie
Can Women Teach Math (and be promoted)? A Meta-Analysis of Gender Difference Across Student Teaching Evaluations —
Cassondra Batz-Barbarich
and Amanda Felkey