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January 03 — 05

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Do Opportunity Zones Create Opportunities?

Daniel Hartley
The (Non-) Effect of Opportunity Zones on Housing Prices —
Jiafeng Chen
, Edward Glaeser
, and David Wessel
What Determines Where Opportunity Knocks? Political Affiliation in the Selection of Opportunity Zones —
Mary Margaret Frank
, Jeffrey L. Hoopes
, and Rebecca Lester
Where Is the Opportunity in Opportunity Zones? Early Indicators of the Opportunity Zone Program's Impact on Commercial Property Prices —
Alan Sage
, Mike Langen
, and Alex M. Van de Minne
Job Growth from Opportunity Zones —
Alina Arefeva
, Morris A. Davis
, Andra Ghent
, and Minseon Park

Dollar Dominance

Mark Aguiar
The Causal Effect of the Dollar on Trade —
Sai Ma
, Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr
, and Shaojun Zhang
Original Sin Redux —
Valentina Bruno
, Carol Bertaut
, and Hyun Song Shin
The Dominant Currency Financing Channel of External Adjustment —
Camila Casas
, Sergii Meleshchuk
, and Yannick Timmer
Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Firm Leverage —
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
, Ilhyock Shim
, and Xiaoxi Liu

Domestic Violence

Gisella Kagy
Be Kind: Domestic Violence and Mental Health during a Strict COVID-19 Lockdown —
Christopher Erwin
, Kabir Dasgupta
, and Alexander Plum
Natural Disasters and Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from Peru —
Laura Barros
and Yuanwei Xu
Climate Shock and Violence —
Esha Sinha
and Herman Sahni
The Effects of Women's Employment on Intimate Partner Violence in West Africa —
Boblawende Jean Kabore
Do Gains in Women's Education, Marriage Quality, and Labor Outcomes Impact Intimate Partner Violence? —
Boblawende Jean Kabore
Women’s Empowerment and Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from a Multidimensional Policy in India —
Somdeep Chatterjee
and Prashant Poddar

Economic Effects of the Pandemic

Andrew Greenland
Bond markets in Spring 2020 and the response of the Federal Reserve —
Annette Vissing-Jorgensen
Online Prices and Stay-at-Home Economy: Evidence from Prices of 107 Chinese Websites during the COVID-19 Quarantine Period —
Tingfeng Jiang
, Taoxiong Liu
, and Ke Tang
Small Business Survival Capabilities and Policy Effectiveness: Evidence from Oakland —
Robert Bartlett
and Adair Morse
Central Bank Communication in Times of Pandemics —
Jonathan Benchimol
, Sophia Kazinnik
, and Yossi Saadon
Measuring Spread of Economic News on Social Media Using HIV Model —
Shivi Kalra

Economic Impact of COVID-19: Lessons from Past Pandemics and Recent Data

Jonathan D. Ostry
The Coronavirus and the Great Influenza Pandemic: Lessons from the “Spanish Flu” for the Coronavirus’s Potential Effects on Mortality and Economic Activity —
Robert J. Barro
, José F. Ursua
, and Joanna Weng
The Role of Containment and Macroeconomic Measures in Shaping the Transmission and Economic Effects of COVID-19 —
Pragyan Deb
, Davide Furceri
, Jonathan D. Ostry
, and Nour Tawk
The Macroeconomics of Epidemics —
Martin Eichenbaum
, Sergio Rebelo
, and Mathias Trabandt
Coping with Disasters: Two Centuries of International Official Lending —
Sebastian Horn
, Carmen M. Reinhart
, and Christoph Trebesch
Modern Pandemics: Recession and Recovery —
Chang Ma
, John Rogers
, and Sili Zhou

Economic Policies, Preferences and Well-Being

Imran Rasul
Psychological Well-Being is Much More Strongly Related to Income than to Inequality —
Johannes Haushofer
Understanding Tax Policy: How do People Reason? —
Stefanie Stantcheva
Adversarial Selection: Partisanship, Enrollment, and Costs under the Affordable Care Act —
Leonardo Bursztyn
Poverty Alleviation Policies, Preferences for Redistribution and Social Capital: Evidence from a Four-Year Partial Population Experiment —
Imran Rasul

Economics of Crime

James Leitzel
Intensified Scrutiny and Bureaucratic Effort: Evidence from Policing and Crime After High-Profile, Officer-Involved Fatalities —
Deepak Premkumar
The Health Effects of Prison —
Matthew Lindquist
and Randi Hjalmarsson
Moving Towards Centralized Police Force: Effects of Police Station Closures on Crime —
Andre Diegmann
and Sebastian Blesse
Racial Disparities in Motor Vehicle Searches Cannot be Justified by Efficiency —
Benjamin Zachary Feigenberg
and Conrad Miller
Safe from Harm? Peer Effects and Criminal Capital Formation in Foster Care —
Sarah Font
and Christopher J. Mills

Economics of Inequality

Susan Athey
Estimating the Impacts of Obstetric Care on Maternal and Child Health Using Obstetric Unit Closures in the United States —
Stefanie Fischer
, Heather N. Royer
, and Corey White
Mentoring and the Dynamics of Affirmative Action —
Michèle Muller-Itten
and Aniko Oery
The Impact of Automation and Inequality across Europe —
Mary Kaltenberg
and Neil Foster-McGregor

Economics of Information

Ethan Struby
Information Processing: Contracts versus Communication —
Andreas Blume
, Inga Deimen
, and Sean Inoue
Finding the Wise and the Wisdom in a Crowd: Simultaneously Estimating the Underlying Qualities of Raters and Items from a Series of Reviews —
Nicolas Carayol
and Matthew O. Jackson
Why Echo Chambers Are Useful —
Ole Jann
and Christoph Schottmüller
Reputational Cheap Talk versus Reputational Delegation —
Xin Gao
Expectation Formation under Uninformative Signals —
Pascal Kieren
and Martin Weber
Increasing Returns and the Efficient Organization of Information —
Michael Mandler

Economics of Innovation in the Energy Sector

Ashley Langer
Climate Change, Directed Innovation, and Energy Transition: The Long-Run Consequences of the Shale Gas Revolution —
Daron Acemoglu
, Philippe Aghion
, Lint Barrage
, and David Hemous
Winds of Change: Technical Progress and Learning in Wind Power —
Thomas Covert
and Richard Sweeney
Induced Innovation, Inventors, and the Energy Transition —
Eugenie Dugoua
and Todd Gerarden
Innovation for Social Progress: When Imperfect Appropriability Meets Incorrect Prices —
Jacquelyn Pless
and Sugandha Srivastav

Economics of Mobility

Oren Danieli
Getting Beneath the Veil of Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence From Three Cities —
Oren Danieli
, Tanaya Devi
, and Roland Fryer
Intergenerational Mobility Over the 20th Century: Evidence From United States Survey Data —
Suresh Naidu
, Elisa Jacome
, and Ilyana Kuziemko
Was the Arsenal of Democracy an Engine of Mobility? The World War II Industrial Expansion and the Roots of Mid-Century Manufacturing Opportunity —
Andrew Garin
and Jonathan L. Rothbaum
Mobility and Inequality in US Growth, 1968–2018 —
Yonatan Berman
and François Bourguignon

Effects of COVID-19

Alexander W. Bartik
Learning in the Time of COVID-19 —
Andrea Chambers
, Stacy Dickert-Conlin
, Steven Haider
, and Scott Andrew Imberman
The Impacts of COVID-19 on Income and Consumption —
Diana Farrell
, Fiona Greig
, Erica Deadman
, and Maxwell Liebeskind
Luxury or Necessity: How Will State and Local Governments Balance Budgets in the Wake of COVID-19? —
Troup Howard
and Adair Morse
How Does the COVID-19 Crisis Affect Access to Mental Health Care? Evidence from an Audit Field Experiment —
Patrick Button
, Luca Fumarco
, Eva Dils
, Benjamin Harrell
, and David Schwegman
Occupational Exposure to Contagion and the Spread of COVID-19 in Europe —
Piotr Lewandowski
Human Mobility Restrictions and the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China —
Hanming Fang
, Long Wang
, and Yang Yang

Effects of Educational Policies

Elizabeth Cascio
Black Economic Progress in the Jim Crow South: Evidence from Rosenwald Schools —
Abdul Raheem Shariq Mohammed
and Paul Mohnen
Returns to Education and the Impacts on International Students’ Enrollments and Selectivity: Evidence from the Optional Practical Training Program —
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes
, Kevin Shih
, and Huanan Xu
The Returns of an Additional Year of Schooling: The Case of State-Mandated Kindergarten —
Maria Fernanda Rosales-Rueda
, Jade Jenkins
, and Zhiling Meng Shea
The Effects of the Child Care Tax Credit on the Educational Achievement of Children —
Haibin Jiang
Beyond Teachers: Estimating Individual Guidance Counselors' Effects on Educational Attainment —
Christine Mulhern

Efforts to Increase Employment

Maggie Brehm
Employment Responses to Firm Location Subsidies: Regression Discontinuity Estimates —
Matthew Freedman
, Ben Hyman
, and David B. Neumark
Does Government Play Favorites? Evidence from Opportunity Zones —
Ofer Eldar
and Chelsea Garber
Revisiting the Employment Effects of the Americans with Disabilities Act —
Elena Pastorino
and Luigi Pistaferri
Television and the Labour Supply: Evidence from the Digital Television Transition in the UK —
Adrian Nieto Castro
Job Creation Effects: Evidence from State Hiring Credits —
Abraham Keunwon Song
Tax Compliance and Firm Response to Electronic Sales Recording —
Philippe d'Astous
and Martin Boyer

Emmanuel Farhi: Contributions to Economics

Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
Ricardo Caballero
Robert E. Hall
Jean Tirole
, and
Iván Werning

Energy Regulation: Leakage, Emissions, and Spillovers

Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato
Evaluating the Carbon Trading Pilot Programs in China —
Douglas Almond
and Shuang Zhang
Regulating Conglomerates in China: Evidence from an Energy Conservation Program —
Joy Chen
, Zhao Chen
, Zhikuo Liu
, Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato
, and Daniel Yi Xu
On the Design of a Border Carbon Adjustment When Firms are Heterogeneous —
Meredith L. Fowlie
and Mar Reguant
The Environmental Impact of Special Economic Zones —
Leslie Martin
and Katie Zhang

Enhancing Learning in Economics

KimMarie McGoldrick
MicroCommitments: The Effect of Small Commitments on Academic Performance —
Amanda Felkey
, Eva Dziadula
, Eric Chiang
, and Jose Vazquez
Identifying Students-at-Risk Using a New Math Skills Assessment —
Daria Bottan
, Irene Foster
, Douglass McKee
, George Orlov
, Stephanie Thomas
, and Jennifer Wissink
Grades and the Economics Major at a Women’s College —
Patrick McEwan
, Sheridan Rogers
, and Akila Weerapana
Minimum Grade Requirements for Economics Majors: Effects on Enrollments and Student Learning —
Stephen Schmidt

Entrepreneurship, Job Creation and Gender

John Van Reenen
Who are America’s Job Creators? New Evidence from Longitudinal Tax Data —
Raj Chetty
, John Van Reenen
, Owen Zidar
, and Eric Zwick
Rule of Law and Female Entrepreneurship —
Nava Ashraf
, Alexia Delfino
, and Edward Glaeser
More than an Ivory Tower: The Impact of Research Institutions on the Quantity and Quality of Entrepreneurship —
Scott Stern
and Valentina Tartari
Immigration and Entrepreneurship in the United States —
Pierre Azoulay
, Benjamin Jones
, Daniel Kim
, and Javier Miranda

Environmental and Energy Economics Around the World

Joseph S. Shapiro
Where is Pollution Moving? Environmental Markets and Environmental Justice —
Joseph S. Shapiro
and Reed Walker
Control of Environmental Externalities: Evidence from 100,000 Forest Fires in Indonesia —
Clare Balboni
, Robin Burgess
, and Benjamin Olken
Pollution Masks and The Demand for Clean Air: Experimental Evidence from Delhi. —
Patrick Baylis
, Michael Greenstone
, Kenneth Lee
, and Harshil Sahai
Estimating the Elasticity to Real Time Pricing: Evidence from the Spanish Electricity Market —
Natalia Fabra
, David Rapson
, Mar Reguant
, and Jingyuan Wang

European Economic Association Lecture

Guido Lorenzoni
Monika Piazzesi