These are 2009 AEA Conference Papers.
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Nair, Vinay (Ada Investments)
Kawai, Masahiro (ADB Institute)
Gomory, Ralph (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation)
Hassett, Kevin (American Enterprise Institute)
Mathur, Aparna (American Enterprise Institute)
Petrescu, Ioana M.(American Enterprise Institute)
Rivkin, Steven (Amherst College)
Dale, Stacy (Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)
Sanders, Anthony (Arizona State University)
Capannelli, Giovanni (Asian Development Bank)
White, Tom (Assumption College)
Lawson, Robert (Auburn University)
McGillivray, Mark (AusAID)
Chand, Satish (Australian National University)
Centeno, Mario (Banco de Portugal)
Novo, Alvaro (Banco de Portugal)
Novo, Alvaro (Banco de Portugal & ISEGI, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Meads, Neil (Bank of England)
Surico, Paolo (Bank of England)
Young, Garry (Bank of England)
Besley, Timothy (Bank of England and London School of Economics)
Brender, Adi (Bank of Israel)
Fabiani, Silvia (Bank of Italy)
Sabbatini, Roberto (Bank of Italy)
Martins, Fernando (Bank of Portugal)
Portugal, Pedro (Bank of Portugal)
Jimeno, Juan Francisco(Bank of Spain)
Rubio, Margarita (Bank of Spain)
Kharroubi, Enisse (Banque de France)
Melvin, Michael (Barclays Global Investors)
Yao, Rui (Baruch College)
Frame, David (Baruch College, City University of New York)
Maurer-Fazio, Maggie (Bates College)
Tang, Lixin (Bates College)
Emerson, Tisha L. N.(Baylor University)
Hall , Joshua C.(Beloit College)
Gürkaynak, Refet (Bilkent University)
Kaufmann, Katja (Bocconi University)
Basu, Susanto (Boston College)
Cox, Donald (Boston College)
Gottschalk, Peter (Boston College)
Holderness, Clifford (Boston College)
Pontiff, Jeffrey (Boston College)
Burgess, James (Boston University)
Carey, Kathleen (Boston University)
Ellis, Randall (Boston University)
Furman , Jeffrey (Boston University)
Gerardi, Kris (Boston University)
Gourio, Francois (Boston University)
Kahn, Shulamit (Boston University)
Lang, Kevin (Boston University)
MacGarvie, Megan (Boston University)
Miao, Jianjun (Boston University)
Newman, Andrew (Boston University)
Rudanko, Leena (Boston University)
Shapiro, Adam (Boston University)
Verdelhan, Adrien (Boston University)
Young, Gary (Boston University)
Zhou, Chao (Boston University)
Botticini, Maristella (Boston University, Collegio Carlo Alberto, and University of Torino)
Connelly, Rachel (Bowdoin College)
Sims, David (Brigham Young University)
Cottrell, Marilyn (Brock University)
Winston, Clifford (Brookings Institution)
Foster, Andrew (Brown University)
Gutierrez, Emilio (Brown University)
Nagavarapu, Sriniketh (Brown University)
Weil, David N.(Brown University)
Wilde, Joshua (Brown University)
Fixler, Dennis (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Landefeld, J. Steven(Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Moulton, Brent (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Reinsdorf, Marshall B.(Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Wasshausen, David B.(Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Harper, Michael J.(Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Rosenthal, Steven (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Spletzer, James (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Lien, Yuanchuan (California Institute of Technology)
Hou, Jack W.(California State University-Long Beach)
Crossley, Thomas (Cambridge University)
Schaller, Huntley (Carleton University)
Galdo, Jose (Carleton University, Canada)
Arora, Ashish (Carnegie Mellon University)
Downs, Julie (Carnegie Mellon University)
Drev, Matej (Carnegie Mellon University)
Loewenstein, George (Carnegie Mellon University)
Taylor, Lowell (Carnegie Mellon University)
Wisdom, Jessica (Carnegie Mellon University)
Lacetera , Nicola (Case Western Reserve University)
Slonim, Robert (Case Western Reserve University)
Gagliarducci, Stefano (CEMFI)
Sandusky, Kristin (Census Bureau)
Clemens, Michael (Center for Global Development)
Kugler, Maurice (Center for International Development, Harvard University, and Wilfrid Laurier University)
Karabay, Bilgehan (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey)
Benedek, Dora (Central European University and Finance Ministry)
Younas, Javed (Central Michigan University)
Juarez, Laura (Centro de Investigacion Economica CIE-ITAM)
Lu, Rachel (Chang Gung University)
Zhao, Yaohui (China Center for Economic Research, Peking University)
Lan, Chen (Chinese Ministry of Labor and Social Security)
Mirrlees, James (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Baker, Matthew (City University of New York)
Weidenmier, Marc (Claremont McKenna College and NBER)
Raehsler, Rod D.(Clarion University)
Ionescu, Anamaria Felicia(Colgate University)
Siniver, Erez (College of Management, Israel)
Fenn , Aju (Colorado College)
Johnson, Daniel K.N.(Colorado College)
Smith, Mark (Colorado College)
Stimpert, Larry (Colorado College)
Calomiris, Charles (Columbia Business School)
Fisman, Raymond (Columbia Business School)
Jonah, Rockoff (Columbia Business School)
Wang, Yongxiang (Columbia Business School)
Almond, Douglas (Columbia University)
Bhagwati, Jagdish (Columbia University)
Bolton, Patrick (Columbia University)
Celen, Bogachan (Columbia University)
Che, Yeon-Koo (Columbia University)
Chiappori, Pierre-Andre (Columbia University)
Currie, Janet (Columbia University)
Findlay, Ronald (Columbia University)
Fisman, Raymond (Columbia University)
Heal, Geoffrey (Columbia University)
Humphreys, Macartan (Columbia University)
Khandelwal, Amit (Columbia University)
Kopczuk, Wojciech (Columbia University)
Mayer, Christopher (Columbia University)
Mundell , Robert (Columbia University)
Phelps , Edmund (Columbia University)
Rivera-Batiz, Francisco L.(Columbia University)
Salanie, Bernard (Columbia University)
Santos, Jesus (Columbia University)
Schmeider, Johannes (Columbia University)
Simeonova, Emilia (Columbia University)
Stiglitz, Joseph (Columbia University)
Verhoogen, Eric (Columbia University)
Von Wachter, Till (Columbia University)
Woodford, Michael (Columbia University)
Zeldes, Stephen (Columbia University)
Wang, Neng (Columbia University and NBER)
Auerbach, David (Congressional Budget Office)
Contreras, Juan (Congressional Budget Office)
Hagen, Stuart (Congressional Budget Office)
Manchester, Joyce (Congressional Budget Office)
Minicozzi, Alex (Congressional Budget Office)
White, Chapin (Congressional Budget Office)
Jolly, Nicholas (Connecticut Department of Labor)
Placzek, Dana (Connecticut Department of Labor)
Members of the Commission on Growth and Development, (Contact: Michael Spence, Chair of the Commission)
Benjamin, Daniel J.(Cornell University)
Blau, Francine (Cornell University)
Coate, Stephen (Cornell University)
Dillon, Andrew (Cornell University)
Green, Alan (Cornell University)
Jackson, Kirabo (Cornell University)
Just, David (Cornell University)
Kahn, Lawrence (Cornell University)
Lee, Eunkyeong (Cornell University)
Lucarelli, Claudio (Cornell University)
Owens, Emily (Cornell University)
Wansink, Brian (Cornell University)
Cawley, John (Cornell University and NBER)
Gali, Jordi (CREI and Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Podpiera, Jiri (Czech National Bank)
Guimarães, Paulo (Darla Moore School of Business)
Cascio, Elizabeth (Dartmouth College)
Lusardi, Annamaria (Dartmouth College)
Pavcnik, Nina (Dartmouth College)
Sacerdote, Bruce (Dartmouth College)
Shambaugh, Jay C.(Dartmouth College)
Skinner, Jonathan (Dartmouth College)
Slaughter, Matthew J.(Dartmouth College)
Snyder, Christoher (Dartmouth College)
Snyder, Christopher (Dartmouth College)
Zinman, Jon (Dartmouth College)
Zinman, Jonathan (Dartmouth College)
Anderson, Patricia (Dartmouth College and NBER)
Cascio, Elizabeth (Dartmouth College and NBER)
Skinner, Jonathan (Dartmouth College and NBER)
Bolt, Wilko (De Nederlandsche Bank)
Aron, Janine (Department of Economics, Oxford University)
Palumbo, Michael G.(Division of Research and Statistics, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, DC 20551)
Siedler, Thomas (DIW Berlin and University of Essex)
Depetris Chauvin, Nicolas (Dubai School of Government and OxCarre)
Bansal, Ravi (Duke University)
Gallant, A. Ronald (Duke University)
Khwaja, Ahmed (Duke University)
Mazzocco, Maurizio (Duke University)
Nechyba, Thomas (Duke University)
Newell , Richard (Duke University)
Rampini, Adriano (Duke University)
Rossi, Barbara (Duke University)
Shaliastovich, Ivan (Duke University)
Tarozzi, Alessandro (Duke University)
Thomas, Duncan (Duke University)
Vigdor, Jacob (Duke University)
Viswanathan, S. (Duke University)
Wang, Yang (Duke University)
Fang, Hanming (Duke University and NBER)
Gillis, Mark T.(Duquesne University)
Grodner, Andrew (East Carolina University)
Liu, Haiyong (East Carolina University)
Stockly, Sue K.(Eastern New Mexico University)
Kollmann, Robert (ECARES, Université Libre de Bruxelles and CEPR)
De Weerdt, Joachim (EDI Tanzania)
Usher, Alex (Educational Policy Institute)
Subramanian, Krishnamurthy (Emory University)
Tung, Frederick (Emory University)
Wang, Xue (Emory University)
Bussiere, Matthieu (European Central Bank)
Chistopoulou, Rebekka (European Central Bank)
De Santis, Roberto (European Central Bank)
Ehrmann, Michael (European Central Bank)
Fornari, Fabio (European Central Bank)
Fratzscher, Marcel (European Central Bank)
Gerdesmeier, Dieter (European Central Bank)
Kezdi, Gabor (European Central Bank)
Lamo, Ana (European Central Bank)
Lombardo, Giovanni (European Central Bank)
Mongelli, Francesco Paolo(European Central Bank)
Papademos, Lucas D.(European Central Bank)
Roffia, Barbara (European Central Bank)
Jonung, Lars (European Commission)
Licandro, Omar (European University Institute)
Sullivan, Daniel (Federal Reserve Bank Chicago)
Ashcraft, Adam (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
Bech, Morten (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
Frame, Scott (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
Gerardi, Kristopher (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
Cohen-Cole, Ethan (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Foote, Chris (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Gerardi, Kris (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Meier, Stephan (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Meier, Stephen (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Montoriol-Garriga, Judit (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Morse, Jonathan (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Willen, Paul (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Agarwal, Sumit (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Amromin, Gene (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Chakravorti, Sujit (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
De Nardi, Mariacristina (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Evanoff, Douglas (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
French, Eric (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Justiniano, Alejandro (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Duca, John (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
Martinez-Garcia, Enrique (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
Quintin, Erwan (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
Wang, Jian (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
Adrian, Tobias (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Carvalho, Carlos (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Chakrabarti, Rajashri (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Curdia, Vasco (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Goldberg, Linda (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Hobijn, Bart (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Morgan, Donald (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Tambalotti, Andrea (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Li, Wenli (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)
Lansing, Kevin (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
Swanson, Eric (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
Fernald, John (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Jonas, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Bandyopadhyay, Subhayu (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
Kolesnikova, Natalia (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
Edge, , Rochelle M.(Federal reserve Board)
Kiley, Michael T.(Federal Reserve Board)
Laforte, Jean-Philippe (Federal Reserve Board)
Arseneau, David (Federal Reserve Board)
Chaboud, Alain (Federal Reserve Board)
Chu , Sean (Federal Reserve Board)
Coulibaly, Brahima (Federal Reserve Board)
Dokko, Jane (Federal Reserve Board)
Dynan, Karen (Federal Reserve Board)
Edelberg, Wendy (Federal Reserve Board)
Falato, Antonio (Federal Reserve Board)
Hancock, Diana (Federal Reserve Board)
Hjalmarsson, Erik (Federal Reserve Board)
Korniotis, George (Federal Reserve Board)
Lehnert, Andreas (Federal Reserve Board)
Liang, Nellie (Federal Reserve Board)
Looney, Adam (Federal Reserve Board)
Palumbo, Michael (Federal Reserve Board)
Passmore, Wayne (Federal Reserve Board)
Pence, Karen (Federal Reserve Board)
Prager, Robin (Federal Reserve Board)
Raffo, Andrea (Federal Reserve Board)
Sahm, Claudia R.(Federal Reserve Board)
Sherlund, Shane (Federal Reserve Board)
Sim, Jae (Federal Reserve Board)
Vega, Clara (Federal Reserve Board)
Wilcox, David (Federal Reserve Board)
Ben-David, Itzhak (Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University)
Heiland, Frank (Florida State University)
Mitra, Sophie (Fordham University)
Moore, Bartholomew (Fordham University)
Aycinena, Diego (Francisco Marroquin University)
Wieland, Volker (Frankfurt University)
Tortora, Robert D.(Gallup)
Clifton, Jim (Gallup Organization)
Srinivasan, Rajesh (Gallup Organization)
Tille, Cedric (Geneva Graduate Institute of International Studies)
Jones , Garett (George Mason University)
Agca, Senay (George Washington University)
Click, Reid W.(George Washington University)
Emran, M. Shahe(George Washington University)
Emran, Shahe (George Washington University)
Maret, Fenohasina (George Washington University)
Smith, Stephen (George Washington University)
Roy, Joydeep (Georgetown University and Economic Policy Institute)
Jensen, J. Bradford(Georgetown University and NBER)
Forman, Chris (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Shemyakina, Olga N.(Georgia Institute of Technology)
Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge (Georgia State University)
Peter, Klara Sabirianova(Georgia State University)
Mishkin, Frederic S.(Graduate School of Business, Columbia University)
Solomon, Blen (Grand Valley State University)
Chen, Yuyu (Guanghua School of Management, Peking University)
Eren, Selcuk (Hamilton College)
Wu, Stephen (Hamilton College)
Thornton, Saranna R.(Hampden-Sydney College)
Ahuja, Amrita (Harvard Business School)
Alfaro, Laura (Harvard Business School)
Cole, Shawn (Harvard Business School)
Foley, Fritz (Harvard Business School)
Ivashina, Victoria (Harvard Business School)
Kerr, William (Harvard Business School)
Khanna, Tarun (Harvard Business School)
Lakhani, Karim (Harvard Business School)
Lerner, Joshua (Harvard Business School)
Maurer, Noel (Harvard Business School)
Nanda, Ramana (Harvard Business School)
Rotemberg, Julio (Harvard Business School)
Scharfstein, David (Harvard Business School)
Tufano, Peter (Harvard Business School)
Werker, Eric (Harvard Business School)
Atlas, Steven (Harvard Medical School)
Fink, Günther (Harvard School of Public Health)
Finlay, Jocelyn E.(Harvard School of Public Health)
Aghion, Philippe (Harvard University)
Alesina, Alberto (Harvard University)
Alexander, Marcus (Harvard University)
Antras, Pol (Harvard University)
Ashraf, Nava (Harvard University)
Athey, Susan (Harvard University)
Avery, Christopher (Harvard University)
Beshears, John (Harvard University)
Bloom, David (Harvard University)
Campante, Filipe (Harvard University)
Campbell, John (Harvard University)
Canning, David (Harvard University)
Deming, David (Harvard University)
Desai, Mihir (Harvard University)
Dynarski, Susan (Harvard University)
Ebenstein, Avraham (Harvard University)
Egorov, Georgy (Harvard University)
Fahri, Emmanuel (Harvard University)
Farhi, Emmanuel (Harvard University)
Feldstein, Martin (Harvard University)
Foley, Fritz (Harvard University)
Frank, Richard (Harvard University)
Frankel , Jeffrey (Harvard University)
Freeman, Richard (Harvard University)
Glaeser, Edward (Harvard University)
Gopinath, Gita (Harvard University)
Helpman, Elhanan (Harvard University)
Itskhoki, Oleg (Harvard University)
Jorgenson, Dale W.(Harvard University)
Karabarbounis, Loukas (Harvard University)
Kerr, William (Harvard University)
Khwaja, Asim Ijaz(Harvard University)
Kolev, Julian (Harvard University)
Kremer, Michael (Harvard University)
Kugler, Maurice (Harvard University)
Laibson, David (Harvard University)
Liebman, Jeffrey (Harvard University)
Loeffler, Charles (Harvard University)
Luttmer, Erzo (Harvard University)
Luttmer, Erzo F. P.(Harvard University)
Luttmer, Erzo F.P.(Harvard University)
Madrian, Brigitte (Harvard University)
Mankiw, N. Gregory(Harvard University)
Miller , Nolan (Harvard University)
Mullainathan, Sendhil (Harvard University)
Naidu, Suresh (Harvard University)
Newhouse, Joseph (Harvard University)
Robinson, James (Harvard University)
Rogoff, Kenneth (Harvard University)
Rosenquist, J. Niels(Harvard University)
Seif, David (Harvard University)
Singhal, Monica (Harvard University)
Spamann, Holger (Harvard University)
Stavins, Robert N.(Harvard University)
Weinzierl, Matthew (Harvard University)
Williams, Heidi (Harvard University)
Yip, Winnie (Harvard University)
Zeckhauser, Richard (Harvard University)
Zeckhauser, Richard J.(Harvard University)
Chandra, Amitabh (Harvard University and NBER)
Cutler, David (Harvard University and NBER)
Meara, Ellen (Harvard University and NBER)
Tsyvinski, Aleh (Harvard University and NBER)
Wise, David (Harvard University and NBER)
Kotsopoulos, Alexandros (HDRINC)
Sweeney, Gregory (HDRINC)
Lavy, Victor (Hebrew University)
Danthine, Jean-Pierre (HEC Lausanne)
Imbs, Jean (HEC Lausanne)
Vincent, Nicolas (HEC Montreal)
Calvet, Laurent (HEC Paris)
Favara, Giovanni (HEC University of Lausanne)
Thesmar, David (HEC, Paris)
Boudreau, Kevin (HEC-Paris)
Wyplosz, Charles (HEI)
Murphy, Anthony (Hertford College, University of Oxford)
Sokolov, Vladimir (Higher School of Economics)
Lee, Han (Highview Global Capital Management)
Ju, Nengjiu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Hossain, Tanjim (Hong KongUniversity of Science and Technology)
Haber, Stephen (Hoover Institution, Stanford University)
Hall, Robert (Hoover Institution, Stanford University)
Braun, Sebastian (Humboldt University of Berlin)
Gruendl, Helmut (Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin)
Post, Thomas (Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin)
Zimmer, Anja (Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin)
Saint Paul, Gilles (IDEI Toulouse)
Sjogren, Anna (IFAU, Uppsala and IFN)
Oldfield, Zoe (IFS)
Banks, James (IFS and UCL)
Mesnard, Alice (IFS, Toulouse School of Economics and CEPR)
Nannicini, Tomasso (IGIER, Bocconi University)
Favero, Carlo (IGIER-Università Bocconi)
Giavazzi, Francesco (IGIER-Università Bocconi)
Kaplan, Ethan (IIES)
Billger, Sherrilyn M.(Illinois State University)
Seeborg, Michael C.(Illinois Wesleyan University)
Celasun, Oya (IMF-Research)
Christiansen, Lone (IMF-Research)
Papageorgiou, Chris (IMF-Research)
Prati, Alessandro (IMF-Research)
Schindler, Martin (IMF-Research)
Tressel, Thierry (IMF-Research)
Propper, Carol (Imperial College)
Breedon, Francis (Imperial College London)
Graham, Dan (Imperial College London)
Becker, William E.(Indiana University)
Osili, Una Okonkwo(Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis)
Marin, Jean-Michel (INRIA)
Hau, Harald (INSEAD)
Maskin, Eric (Institute for Advanced Study)
Leicester, Andrew (Institute for Fiscal Studies)
o'Dea, Cormac (Institute for Fiscal Studies)
Oldfiled, Zoe (Institute for Fiscal Studies )
Wakefield, Matthew (Institute for Fiscal Studies)
Gronqvist, Erik (Institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation (IFAU))
Dagnelie, Olivier (Instituto de Análisis Económico CSIC)
Benito, Andrew (International Monetary Fund)
Claessens, Stijn (International Monetary Fund)
Jeanne, Olivier (International Monetary Fund)
Johnson, Simon (International Monetary Fund)
Kose, M. Ayhan (International Monetary Fund)
Milesi-Ferretti, Gian Maria(International Monetary Fund)
Terrones, Marco (International Monetary Fund)
Topalova, Petia (International Monetary Fund)
Kling, Catherine (Iowa State University)
Orazem, Peter (Iowa State University)
De Luca, Giuseppe (ISFOL)
Caliendo, Marco (IZA Bonn)
Tatsiramos, Konstantinos (IZA Bonn)
Uhlendorff, Arne (IZA Bonn)
Carroll , Christopher (Johns Hopkins University)
Krishna, Pravin (Johns Hopkins University)
Maccini, Louis (Johns Hopkins University)
Moffitt, Robert (Johns Hopkins University)
Senses, Mine (Johns Hopkins University)
Shore, Stephen (Johns Hopkins University)
Plummer, Michael G.(Johns Hopkins University, SAIS-Bologna)
Decanq, Koen (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
Willmann, Gerald (Katholieke University Leuven)
Melzer, Brian (Kellogg School of Management)
Kepner, Valerie (King’s College)
Artuc, Erhan (Koc University)
Song, Joonhyuk (Korea Development Institute)
Bethmann, Dirk (Korea University)
Wendell, Brian (Lehman Brothers)
Menkhoff, Lukas (Leibniz Universität Hannover)
Schmeling, Maik (Leibniz Universität Hannover)
Grove, Wayne (LeMoyne College)
Dalziel, Paul (Lincoln University)
Fan, C. Simon(Lingnan University, Hong Kong)
Wei, Xiaodong (Lingnan University, Hong Kong)
Coeurdacier, Nicolas (London Business School)
Pavlova, Anna (London Business School)
Portes, Richard (London Business School)
Rey, Helene (London Business School)
Coeurdacier, Nicolas (London Business School and CEPR)
Besley, Tim (London School of Economics)
Besley, Timothy (London School of Economics)
Criscuolo, Chiara (London School of Economics)
Draca, Mirko (London School of Economics)
Favilukis, Jack (London School of Economics)
Garicano, Luis (London School of Economics)
Manning, Alan (London School of Economics)
Michaelides, Alex (London School of Economics)
Nikolov, Karin (London School of Economics)
Padro I Miquel, Gerard (London School of Economics)
Prat, Andrea (London School of Economics)
Redding , Stephen (London School of Economics)
Schmidt-Dengler, Philipp (London School of Economics)
Seiler, Stephan (London School of Economics)
Sturm, Daniel (London School of Economics)
Taylor, Ashley (London School of Economics)
Van Reenen, John (London School of Economics)
Healy, Andrew (Loyola Marymount University)
Redding , Stephen J.(LSE, Yale School of Management and CEPR)
Benigno, Pierpaolo (LUISS Guido Carli, Rome)
Borghans, Lex (Maastricht University)
Golsteyn, Bart (Maastricht University)
Benczur, Peter (Magyar Nemzeti Bank and Central European University)
Frankland, Julia Sampson(Malone College)
Acemoglu, Daron (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Ariely, Dan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Autor, David (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Banerjee , Abhijit (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Berndt , Ernst (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Blanchard, Olivier (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Caballero, Ricardo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Dell, Melissa (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Diamond, Peter (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Doyle, Joseph (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Finkelstein, Amy (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Forbes, Kristin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Greenstone, Michael (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Gruber, Jonathan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Henderson, Rebecca (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Jia, Nai (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Jia, Panle (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
L'Huiller, Jean-Paul (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Lorenzoni, Guido (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Murray, Fiona (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Notowidigdo, Matt (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Olken, Benjamin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Pallais, Amanda (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Poterba, James (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Reilly, John (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Rigobon, Roberto (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Van Den Steen, Eric (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Wheaton, William (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Golosov, Mikhail (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER,)
Dolfin, Sarah )
Mamum, Arif (Mathematica Policy Research)
Mastri, Annalisa (Mathematica Policy Research)
Durnev, Art (McGill University)
Dooley, Martin (McMaster University)
Payne, Abigail (McMaster University)
Roberson, Brian (Miami University)
Cook, Lisa D.(Michigan State UnIversity)
Horan, Richard (Michigan State University)
Ivkovich, Zoran (Michigan State University)
Kreinin, Mordechai E.(Michigan State University)
Weisbenner, Scott (Michigan State University and NBER)
Colander, David (Middlebury College)
Rothschild, Casey (Middlebury College)
Olken, Benjamin (MIT)
Townsend, Robert (MIT)
Stock, Wendy A.(Montana State University)
McCoy, James (Murray State University)
Milkman, Martin (Murray State University)
Druant, Martine (National Bank of Belgium)
Du Caju, Philip (National Bank of Belgium)
Fuss, Catherine (National Bank of Belgium)
Wintr, Ladislav (National Bank of Belgium)
Wang, Andrew (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Felkner, John (National Opinion Research Center)
Chen, Yen-Chien (National Taiwan University)
Huang, Ching-I (National Taiwan University)
Liu, Jin-Tan (National Taiwan University and NBER)
Deng, Yongheng (National University of Singapore)
Fu, Qiang (National University of Singapore)
Lu, Jingfeng (National University of Singapore)
Wright, Julian (National University of Singapore)
Williams, David (New College, Oxford)
Guriev, Sergei (New Economic School)
Sonin, Konstantin (New Economic School, Moscow)
Payne, Collin (New Mexico State University)
Tabakis, Chrysostomos (New University of Lisbon)
Acharya, Viral (New York University)
Amihud, Yakov (New York University)
Bisin, Alberto (New York University)
Cabral, Luis (New York University)
Comin, Diego (New York University)
Gabaix, Xavier (New York University)
Gabiax, Xavier (New York University)
Greene, William (New York University)
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