These are 2009 AEA Conference Papers.
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o'Dea, Cormac (Institute for Fiscal Studies)
O'Sullivan, Roisin (Smith College)
Obstfeld, Maurice (University of California-Berkeley)
Ohanian, Lee (University of California-Los Angeles)
Oldfield, Zoe (IFS)
Oldfiled, Zoe (Institute for Fiscal Studies )
Olken, Benjamin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Olken, Benjamin (MIT)
Olovsson, Conny (Stockholm School of Economics)
Ongena, Steven (Tilburg University)
Onorato, Massimiliano (Universita Bocconi)
Orazem, Peter (Iowa State University)
Oreopoulos , Philip (University of Toronto)
Ortalo-Magne, Francois (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Osili, Una Okonkwo(Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis)
Oster, Emily (University of Chicago and NBER)
Owens, Emily (Cornell University)
Oxoby, Rob (University of Calgary)
Oxoby, Robert (University of Calgary)
Ozbay, Erkut (University of Maryland)
Ozgur, Onur (University of Montreal)