These are 2009 AEA Conference Papers.
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Maccini, Louis (Johns Hopkins University)
MacGarvie, Megan (Boston University)
Machin, Steve (University College London)
Macis, Mario (University of Michigan)
Madrian, Brigitte (Harvard University)
Maestas, Nicole (RAND)
Maestas, Nicole (Rand Corporation)
Mahajan, Aprajit (Stanford University)
Malmendier, Ulrike (University of California-Berkeley)
Malmendier, Ulrike (University of California-Berkeley and NBER)
Mamum, Arif (Mathematica Policy Research)
Manchester, Colleen (University of Minnesota)
Manchester, Joyce (Congressional Budget Office)
Mandell, Lewis (University of Washington and Aspen Institute)
Mankiw, N. Gregory(Harvard University)
Manning, Alan (London School of Economics)
Maréchal, Michel André(University of Zurich)
Maret, Fenohasina (George Washington University)
Marin, Jean-Michel (INRIA)
Mark, Nelson (University of Notre Dame)
Martin, Ian (Stanford University)
Martin , Philippe (Paris School of Economics and CEPR)
Martin , Philippe (University of Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne (Paris School of Economics))
Martinez, Claudia (University of Chile)
Martinez-Garcia, Enrique (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge (Georgia State University)
Martins, Fernando (Bank of Portugal)
Martynova, Marina (University of Sheffield)
Mas, Alexandre (University of California-Berkeley)
Maskin, Eric (Institute for Advanced Study)
Mastri, Annalisa (Mathematica Policy Research)
Mateer, G. Dirk(Pennsylvania State University)
Mathur, Aparna (American Enterprise Institute)
Matsa, David (Northwestern University)
Matsusaka, John (University of Southern California)
Maurer, Noel (Harvard Business School)
Maurer-Fazio, Maggie (Bates College)
Mayer, Christopher (Columbia University)
Mayer, Thierry (University of Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne (Paris School of Economics))
Mazzocco, Maurizio (Duke University)
Mazzonna, Fabrizio (Tor Vergata University)
McArdle, Jack (University of Southern California)
McConnell, John (Purdue University)
McCoy, James (Murray State University)
McEntarfer, Erika (U.S. Census Bureau)
McFadden, Daniel (University of California-Berkeley)
McFarlin, Isaac (University of Michigan)
McGillivray, Mark (AusAID)
McGoldrick, Kimmarie (University of Richmond)
McIntosh, Craig (University of California-San Diego)
McKenzie, David (World Bank)
McLaren, John (University of Virginia)
Meads, Neil (Bank of England)
Meara, Ellen (Harvard University and NBER)
Meier, Stephan (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Meier, Stephen (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Meltzer, David (University of Chicago)
Melvin, Michael (Barclays Global Investors)
Melzer, Brian (Kellogg School of Management)
Members of the Commission on Growth and Development, (Contact: Michael Spence, Chair of the Commission)
Menaldo, Victor (Stanford University)
Mendoza, Enrique (University of Maryland)
Menkhoff, Lukas (Leibniz Universitt Hannover)
Mesnard, Alice (IFS, Toulouse School of Economics and CEPR)
Metcalf, Gilbert (Tufts University)
Metcalf, Gilbert E.(Tufts University)
Meyer, Bruce (University of Chicago)
Miao, Jianjun (Boston University)
Michaelides, Alex (London School of Economics)
Michaud, Pierre-Carl (RAND)
Milesi-Ferretti, Gian Maria(International Monetary Fund)
Milgrom, Paul (Stanford University)
Milkman, Martin (Murray State University)
Miller, Amalia R.(University of Virginia)
Miller , Conrad (Stanford University)
Miller, Douglas L.(University of California-Davis)
Miller, Marc (University of Arizona)
Miller , Nolan (Harvard University)
Milligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia)
Minicozzi, Alex (Congressional Budget Office)
Mirrlees, James (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Mishkin, Frederic S.(Graduate School of Business, Columbia University)
Mitchell, Olivia (University of Pennsylvania)
Mitchener, Kris James(Santa Clara University University of California-Los Angeles and NBER)
Mitnik, Oscar (University of Miami)
Mitra, Sophie (Fordham University)
Moffitt, Robert (Johns Hopkins University)
Mok, Wallace (Northwestern University)
Mok, Wallace K.C.(Northwestern University)
Mokyr, Joel (Northwestern University)
Molina, David J.(University of North Texas)
Monge-Naranjo, Alexander (Pennsylvania State University)
Mongelli, Francesco Paolo(European Central Bank)
Montoriol-Garriga, Judit (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Moon, Jon Jungbien(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Moore, Bartholomew (Fordham University)
Moore, Robbie (Occidental College)
Moore, Timothy (University of Maryland)
Mora, Marie T.(University of Texas-Pan American)
Morck, Randall (University of Alberta)
Moretti, Enrico (University of California-Berkeley)
Morgan, Donald (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Morgan, John (University of California-Berkeley)
Morrow, Peter (University of Toronto)
Morse, Adair (University of Chicago)
Morse, Jonathan (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Mottola, Gary (Vanguard)
Moulton, Brent (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Muellbauer, John (Nuffield College, Oxford)
Muendler, Marc-Andreas (University of California-San Diego)
Mukerji, Sujoy (Oxford University)
Mullainathan, Sendhil (Harvard University)
Mumford, Kevin (Purdue University)
Mundell , Robert (Columbia University)
Murata, Keiko (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Murphy, Anthony (Hertford College, University of Oxford)
Murray, Fiona (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Muthoo, Abhinay (University of Essex)
Myerson, Roger (University of Chicago)