These are 2009 AEA Conference Papers.
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Caballero, Ricardo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Cabral, Luis (New York University)
Cadena, Brian (University of Michigan)
Caliendo, Marco (IZA Bonn)
Calomiris, Charles (Columbia Business School)
Calvet, Laurent (HEC Paris)
Campante, Filipe (Harvard University)
Campbell, John (Harvard University)
Canning, David (Harvard University)
Capannelli, Giovanni (Asian Development Bank)
Caprio, Lorenzo (Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Carbo-Valverde, Santiago (University of Granada)
Card, David (University of California-Berkeley)
Carey, Kathleen (Boston University)
Carlin, Caroline (University of Minnesota)
Carneiro, Anabela (Universidade do Porto)
Carneiro, Pedro (University College London)
Carrion-Flores, Carmen E.(University of Florida)
Carroll , Christopher (Johns Hopkins University)
Carvalho, Carlos (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Cascio, Elizabeth (Dartmouth College)
Cascio, Elizabeth (Dartmouth College and NBER)
Case, Anne (Princeton University)
Case, Karl E.(Wellesley College)
Cattaneo, Matias (University of Michigan)
Cawley, John (Cornell University and NBER)
Celasun, Oya (IMF-Research)
Celen, Bogachan (Columbia University)
Centeno, Mario (Banco de Portugal)
Cervellati, Matteo (Universita di Bologna)
Chaboud, Alain (Federal Reserve Board)
Chabris, Christopher (Union College)
Chakrabarti, Rajashri (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Chakravorti, Sujit (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Chand, Satish (Australian National University)
Chandra, Amitabh (Harvard University and NBER)
Chassang, Sylvain (Princeton University)
Chaudhuri, Shubham (World Bank)
Che, Yeon-Koo (Columbia University)
Chen , Natalie (University of Warwick and CEPR)
Chen, Stacey H.(Royal Holloway University of London and Academia Sinica)
Chen, Yen-Chien (National Taiwan University)
Chen, Yu-Chin (University of Washington)
Chen, Yuyu (Guanghua School of Management, Peking University)
Chetty, Raj (University of California-Berkeley)
Chezum, Brian (St. Lawrence University)
Chiappori, Pierre-Andre (Columbia University)
Ching, Andrew (University of Toronto)
Chiquoine, Benjamin (TIFF)
Chistopoulou, Rebekka (European Central Bank)
Choi, James (Yale University)
Chomsisengphet, Souphala (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency)
Chong, Yanping (University of California-Davis)
Christiansen, Lone (IMF-Research)
Chu , Sean (Federal Reserve Board)
Chugh, Sanjay (University of Maryland)
Claessens, Stijn (International Monetary Fund)
Clark, Gregory (University of California-Davis)
Clark, Robert L.(North Carolina State University)
Clemans-Cope, Lisa (Urban Institute)
Clemens, Christiane (University of Hamburg)
Clemens, Michael (Center for Global Development)
Click, Reid W.(George Washington University)
Clifton, Jim (Gallup Organization)
Clots-Figueras, Irma (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
Coate, Stephen (Cornell University)
Coeurdacier, Nicolas (London Business School)
Coeurdacier, Nicolas (London Business School and CEPR)
Cohen, Andreea Balan(Tufts University)
Cohen, Avi (University of Toronto)
Cohen-Cole, Ethan (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Colander, David (Middlebury College)
Cole, Shawn (Harvard Business School)
Collier, Paul (University of Oxford)
Comin, Diego (New York University)
Connelly, Rachel (Bowdoin College)
Contreras, Juan (Congressional Budget Office)
Cook, Lisa D.(Michigan State UnIversity)
Corbae, Dean (University of Texas-Austin)
Cordoba, Juan Carlos(Rice University)
Cordova, Amado (RAND)
Cornaggia, Jess (University of Texas-Dallas)
Cortes , Kalena (Syracuse University)
Cottrell, Marilyn (Brock University)
Couch, Kenneth (University of Connecticut)
Coulibaly, Brahima (Federal Reserve Board)
Cox, Donald (Boston College)
Criscuolo, Chiara (London School of Economics)
Cronqvist, Henrik (Ohio State University)
Croson, Rachel (University of Texas-Dallas)
Crossley, Thomas (Cambridge University)
Cullen, Mark (Yale University)
Curdia, Vasco (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Currie, Janet (Columbia University)
Cutler, David (Harvard University and NBER)