These are 2009 AEA Conference Papers.
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Babiarz, Patryk (Purdue University)
Baker, Matthew (City University of New York)
Bakos, Peter (Royal Bank of Scotland)
Balassi, Steven J.(St. Mary's College of California)
Bandyopadhyay, Subhayu (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
Banerjee , Abhijit (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Banks, James (IFS and UCL)
Banks, James (University College London)
Bansak, Cynthia (St. Lawrence University)
Bansal, Ravi (Duke University)
Bao, Shuming (University of Michigan)
Bardasi, Elena (World Bank)
Barnes, Kathie (University of Arizona)
Baron, David (Stanford University)
Barr, Michael (University of Michigan)
Bartling, Bj├Ârn (University of Zurich)
Basu, Rashmita (Washington State University)
Basu, Susanto (Boston College)
Battaglini, Marco (Princeton University)
Bauman, Yoram (University of Washington)
Baumol, William (New York University and Princeton University)
Bech, Morten (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
Becker , Gary (University of Chicago)
Becker, William E.(Indiana University)
Beckman, Alice (RAND)
Beckwith, Kevin (Salem State College)
Beegle, Kathleen (World Bank)
Bell, Christopher R.(University of North Carolina)
Ben-David, Itzhak (Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University)
Benabou, Roland (Princeton University)
Benczur, Peter (Magyar Nemzeti Bank and Central European University)
Benedek, Dora (Central European University and Finance Ministry)
Benigno, Pierpaolo (LUISS Guido Carli, Rome)
Benitez-Silva, Hugo (State University of New York-Stony Brook)
Benito, Andrew (International Monetary Fund)
Benjamin, Daniel J.(Cornell University)
Beny, Laura N.(University of Michigan)
Berman, Nicolas (University of Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne (Paris School of Economics))
Bernard, Andrew B.(Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and NBER)
Berndt , Ernst (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Berry, Steven (Yale University)
Bertrand, Marianne (University of Chicago)
Beshears, John (Harvard University)
Besley, Tim (London School of Economics)
Besley, Timothy (Bank of England and London School of Economics)
Besley, Timothy (London School of Economics)
Bethmann, Dirk (Korea University)
Bhagwati, Jagdish (Columbia University)
Bhalotra, Sonia (University of Bristol)
Bhattacharya , Haimanti (University of Utah)
Bhattacharya , Jay (Stanford University and NBER)
Biehl, Amelia (University of Michigan-Flint)
Billger, Sherrilyn M.(Illinois State University)
Binswanger, Johannes (Tilburg University)
Bisin, Alberto (New York University)
Black, Dan (University of Chicago)
Blackburn, Brian (Stanford University)
Blanchard, Emily (University of Virginia)
Blanchard, Olivier (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Blau, David (Ohio State Univsersity)
Blau, Francine (Cornell University)
Bleakley, Hoyt (University of Chicago)
Blinder, Alan S.(Princeton University)
Bliss, Christopher (Oxford University)
Bloom, David (Harvard University)
Bloom, Nicholas (Stanford University)
Bloom, Nick (Stanford University)
Blundell, Richard (University College London)
Bodvarsson, Írn (St. Cloud State University and IZA)
Boldrin, Michele (Washington University-St. Louis)
Bolt, Wilko (De Nederlandsche Bank)
Bolton, Patrick (Columbia University)
Borenstein, Severin (University of California-Berkeley)
Borghans, Lex (Maastricht University)
Boschini, Anne (Stockholm University)
Boskin, Michael J.(Stanford University)
Botticini, Maristella (Boston University, Collegio Carlo Alberto, and University of Torino)
Boudreau, Kevin (HEC-Paris)
Boulatoff, Catherine (Saint Lawrence University)
Bowles, Samuel (Santa Fe Institute)
Bracha, Anat (Tel Aviv University)
BramoullÚ, Yann (Universite Laval)
Branch, Gregory F.(University of Texas at Dallas)
Braun, Sebastian (Humboldt University of Berlin)
Breedon, Francis (Imperial College London)
Breinlich, Holger (University of Essex and CEP)
Brender, Adi (Bank of Israel)
Bresnahan, Timothy (Stanford University)
Brooks, Leah (University of Toronto)
Brown, Jeffrey (University of Illinois)
Brown, Jeffrey R.(University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign)
Browning, Martin (Nuffield College, Oxford University)
Brueckner, Jan (University of California, Irvine)
Brulhart, Marius (University of Lausanne)
Brunnermeier, Markus (Princeton University)
Buera, Francisco (Northwestern University)
Bulte, Erwin (Tilburg University)
Buntin, Melinda Beeuwkes(RAND)
Burgess, James (Boston University)
Bushinsky, Moshe (University of California-Los Angeles)
Bussiere, Matthieu (European Central Bank)
Butcher, Kristin (Wellesley College)
Butler, Alexander (University of Texas-Dallas)