These are 2008 AEA Conference Papers; please see also the full 2008 ASSA Preliminary Program Schedule.
Conference papers will be uploaded as they become available from the authors.

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Kshetramade, Mayuresh (Affinnova, Inc.)
Hassett, Kevin (American Enterprise Institute)
Mathur, Aparna (American Enterprise Institute)
Riddick, Leigh (American University)
Rivkin, Steven (Amherst College)
Asano, Hirokatsu (Asia University)
Menard, Claude (ATOM - University of Paris Pantheon - Sorbonne)
Oudot, Jean-Michel (ATOM - University Paris Pantheon - Sorbonne)
Hatton, Timothy J.(Australian National University)
Leigh, Andrew (Australian National University)
Cowan, Kevin (Banco Central de Chile)
Saxena, Sweta (Bank for International Settlements)
de Munnik, Daniel (Bank of Canada)
Mendicino, Caterina (Bank of Canada)
Surico, Paolo (Bank of England)
Andrews, Marcellus (Barnard College)
Mammen, Kristin (Barnard College)
Mehrling, Perry (Barnard College)
Andrews, Marcellus (Barnard College and Center for Economic and Policy Research)
Harrison, Sharon (Barnard College, Columbia University)
Chakraborty, Archishman (Baruch College, City University of New York)
Peng, Lin (Baruch College, City University of New York)
Chakraborty, Archishman (Baruch College, CUNY)
Liu, Xuejun (Beijing Normal University)
Hall, Joshua C.(Beloit College)
To, Ted (BLS)
Gottschalk, Peter (Boston College)
Seitz, Shannon (Boston College)
Webb, Anthony (Boston College)
Basu, Susanto (Boston College and Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Wang, J. Christina(Boston College and Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Bodie, Zvi (Boston University)
Gourio, Francois (Boston University)
Ho, Chun-Yu (Boston University)
Kotlikoff, Laurence (Boston University)
Krishnan, Nandini (Boston University)
Mani, Anandi (Boston University)
Miao, Jianjun (Boston University)
Neeman, Zvika (Boston University)
Newman, Andrew (Boston University)
Olivetti, Claudia (Boston University)
Ruffino, Doriana (Boston University)
Verdelhan, Adrien (Boston University)
Visaria, Sujata (Boston University)
Treussard, Jonathan (Boston University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
LeBaron, Blake (Brandeis University)
Menon, Nidhiya (Brandeis University)
Tovar-Rodriguez, Patricia (Brandeis University)
Brimmer, Andrew (Brimmer & Company and University of Massachusetts-Amherst)
Cottrell, Marilyn (Brock University, Canada)
Gale, William (Brookings Institution)
Geissler, Chris (Brookings Institution)
Kling, Jeffrey (Brookings Institution)
Perry, George L.(Brookings Institution)
Camacho, Adriana (Brown University)
Foster, Andrew (Brown University)
Holla, Alaka (Brown University)
Howitt, Peter (Brown University)
Lester, Ashley (Brown University)
Munshi, Kaivan (Brown University)
Politi, Dimitra (Brown University)
Sekhri, Sheetal (Brown University)
Weil, David (Brown University and NBER)
Fixler, Dennis (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Landefeld, J. Steven(Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Okubo, Sumiye (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Reinsdorf, Marshall (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Smith, George (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Adams, Christopher (Bureau of Economics, Federal Trade Commission)
McAfee, Preston (California Institute of Tech.)
Camerer, Colin (California Institute of Technology)
Echenique, Federico (California Institute of Technology)
Goeree, Jacob K.(California Institute of Technology)
Karjbich, Ian (California Institute of Technology)
Linardi, Sera (California Institute of Technology)
McConnell, Margaret Anne(California Institute of Technology)
O'Doherty, John (California Institute of Technology)
Palfrey, Thomas R.(California Institute of Technology)
Plassman, Hilke (California Institute of Technology)
Plott, Charles (California Institute of Technology)
Rangel, Antonio (California Institute of Technology)
Tanaka, Tomomi (California Institute of Technology)
Tao-yi Wang, Joseph (California Institute of Technology)
Yariv, Leeat (California Institute of Technology)
Lange, Carsten (California State Polytechnic University)
Meissner, Christopher M.(Cambridge University)
Lawson, Robert A.(Capital University)
Peters, H. Elizabeth(Carleton University)
Tennyson, Sharon (Carleton University)
Woolley, Frances (Carleton University)
Haisley , Emily (Carnegie Mellon University)
Loewenstein, George (Carnegie Mellon University)
Mostafa, Romel (Carnegie Mellon University)
Rick, Scott (Carnegie Mellon University)
Stephens, Mel (Carnegie Mellon University)
Bettinger, Eric (Case Western Reserve University)
Lacetera, Nicola (Case Western Reserve University)
Evia, Jose Luis (Catholic University of Bolivia and Andean University "Simon Bolivar" of Bolivia)
Gallego, Francisco (Catholic University of Chile)
Contreras, Juan (CBO)
Tristao, Ignez (CBO)
Jacobs, Jan (CCSO and University of Groningen)
Denisova, Irina (CEFIR)
Eller, Markus (CEFIR)
Shang, Jen (Center on Philanthropy, Indiana University)
Orphanides, Athanasios (Central Bank of Cyprus)
Karabay , Bilgehan (Central Bank of Turkey)
Anderson, Steffen (Centre for Economic and Business Research, Denmark)
Draca, Mirko (Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics)
Ammermueller, Andreas (Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Germany)
Prodromidis, Prodromos Ioannis(Centre for Planning and Economic Research (KEPE), Greece)
Crespo, Laura (Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros (CEMFI))
Laserna, Roberto (CERES)
Klimek, Shawn (Cernter for Economic Studies, Censu Bureau)
Adams, William (Citigroup)
Maloney, Michael (Clemson University)
Warner, John T.(Clemson University)
Carlson, John (Cleveland Fed)
Tietenberg, Tom (Colby College)
Kato, Takao (Colgate University)
Agnew, Julie (College of William and Mary)
Anderson, Lisa (College of William and Mary)
Szykman, Lisa (College of William and Mary)
Jaeger, David (College of William and Mary, University of Bonn, and IZA)
Semikolenova, Yadviga (Colorado School of Mines, Division of Economics and Business)
Bajtelsmit, Vickie (Colorado State University)
Jianakoplos, Nancy (Colorado State University)
Almond, Douglas (Columbia University)
Chiappori, Pierre-Andre (Columbia University)
Edlund , Lena (Columbia University )
Fisman, Ray (Columbia University)
Hubbard, Glenn (Columbia University)
Korinek, Anton (Columbia University)
Roell, Ailsa (Columbia University)
Salanie, Bernard (Columbia University)
Stiglitz, Joseph (Columbia University)
Venkatesh , Sudhir (Columbia University)
Vytlacil, Edward (Columbia University)
Woodford, Michael (Columbia University)
Zivin, Joshua (Columbia Universityand NBER)
Linn III, Johnnie B.(Concord University)
Santoro, Marika (Congressional Budget Office)
Schwabish, Jonathan (Congressional Budget Office)
Abowd, John (Cornell University)
Cawley, John (Cornell University)
Grinstein, Yaniv (Cornell University)
Grittersova, Jana (Cornell University)
Ho, Benjamin (Cornell University)
Liu, Feng (Cornell University)
Melaugh, Daniel (Credit Suisse Securities)
Marcet, Albert (CREI, Pompeu Fabra, IAB)
Mairesse, Jacques (CREST, France and NBER)
Kamenik, Ondra (Czech National Bank)
Xu, Kuan (Dalhousie University)
Staiger, Douglas (Darmouth College)
Feyrer, James (Dartmouth College)
Kusardi, Annamaria (Dartmouth College)
Lusardi, Annamaria (Dartmouth College)
Skinner, Jonathan (Dartmouth College)
Stango, Victor (Dartmouth College)
Venti, Steven (Dartmouth College)
Zinman, Jonathan (Dartmouth College)
van der Panne, Gerben (Delft University of Technology)
Magnus, Jan (Department of Econometrics & OR, Tilburg University)
Price, Joseph (Department of Economics, Cornell University)
Doyle, Eleanor (Department of Economics, University College Cork, Ireland)
Aliaga-Diaz, Roger (Drexel University)
Olivero, Maria Pia (Drexel University)
Ahn, Tom (Duke University)
Arcidiacono, Peter (Duke University)
Clotfelter, Charles (Duke University)
Glennie, Elizabeth (Duke University)
Hoover, Kevin (Duke University)
Khwaja, Ahmed (Duke University)
Ladd, Helen (Duke University)
Mathews, Richmond (Duke University)
Robinson, David (Duke University)
Rubio-Ramirez, Juan (Duke University)
Schmitt-Grohe, Stephanie (Duke University)
Sloan, Frank (Duke University)
Uribe, Martin (Duke University)
van Houtven, Courtney (Duke University)
Vigdor, Jacob (Duke University)
Viswanathan, Vish (Duke University)
Bansal, Ravi (Duke University Fuqua)
Lay, Morten (Durham University, UK)
Landry, Craig (East Carolina University)
Rupp, Nick (East Carolina University)
Bruehler, James (Eastern Illinois University)
Ghent, Linda (Eastern Illinois University)
Harter, Cynthia (Eastern Kentucky University)
Harter, John (Eastern Kentucky University)
Kollmann, Robert (ECARES, Free University of Brussels)
Liu, Zheng (Emory University)
Namini, Julian Emami(Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Baltussen, Guido (Erasmus University, The Netherlands)
Post, Theirry (Erasmus University, The Netherlands)
Van Den Assem, Martijn (Erasmus University, The Netherlands)
Coeurdacier, Nicolas (ESSEC and Paris School of Economics)
Berglof, Erik (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
Adam, Klaus (European Central Bank)
Andersson, Magnus (European Central Bank)
Benati, Luca (European Central Bank)
Bussiere, Matthieu (European Central Bank)
Christoffel, Kai (European Central Bank)
Ehrmann, Michael (European Central Bank)
Fratzscher, Marcel (European Central Bank)
Kuester, Keith (European Central Bank)
Linzert, Tobias (European Central Bank)
Papaioannou, Elias (European Central Bank)
Peltonen, Tuomas (European Central Bank)
Guiso, Luigi (European University Institute and CEPR)
Civan, Kadir (Fatih University)
Roberds, William (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
Waggoner, Daniel (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
Zha, Tao (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
Giduskova, Maria (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Goette, Lorenz (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Meier, Stephan (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Schuh, Scott (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Stavins, Joanna (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Willen, Paul (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Aaronson, Daniel (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Agarwal, Sumit (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Fisher, Jonas (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
French, Eric (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Dunne, Timothy (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)
Kumar, Anil (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
Lai, Edwin (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
Knotek II, Edward (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City)
Ashcraft, Adam (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Chakrabarti, Rajashri (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Del Negro, Marco (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Dick, Astrid (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Ferrero, Andrea (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Hellerstein, Rebecca (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Koren, Miklos (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Tempelman, Jerry (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Tille, Cedric (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Chatterjee, Satyajit (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)
Daly, Mary (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
Hale, Galina (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
Spiegel, Mark (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
Takhtamanova, Yelena F.(Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
Wilson, Daniel (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
Arseneau, David (Federal Reserve Board)
Campbell, Sean (Federal Reserve Board)
Corrado, Carol (Federal Reserve Board)
Driscoll, John (Federal Reserve Board)
Edelberg, Wendy (Federal Reserve Board)
Falato, Antonio (Federal Reserve Board)
Hausman, Joshua (Federal Reserve Board)
Korniotis, George (Federal Reserve Board)
Lehnert, Andreas (Federal Reserve Board)
Looney, Adam (Federal Reserve Board)
Palumbo, Michael (Federal Reserve Board)
Pence, Karen (Federal Reserve Board)
Reifschneider, David (Federal Reserve Board)
Sichel, Daniel (Federal Reserve Board)
Smith, Paul (Federal Reserve Board)
Vega, Clara (Federal Reserve Board)
Wascher, William (Federal Reserve Board)
Wei, Min (Federal Reserve Board)
Wongswan, Jon (Federal Reserve Board)
Wright, Jonathan (Federal Reserve Board)
Orphanides, Athanasios (Federal Reserve Board of Governors)
Bhattacharya, Samrat (Fifth Third Bank)
Aycinena, Diego (Francisco Marroquin University)
A'Hearn, Brian (Franklin and Marshall College)
Berger, Helge (Free University Berlin)
Axtell, Rob (George Mason University)
Jones, Garett (George Mason University)
Miller III, James C.(George Mason University and the Hoover Institution)
Cipriani, Marco (George Washington University)
Fon, Vincy (George Washington University)
Kaminsky, Graciela (George Washington University)
Constant, Amelie (Georgetown University)
Quinn, Dennis (Georgetown University)
Roy, Joydeep (Georgetown University and Economic Policy Institute)
Mayda, Anna Maria (Georgetown University, CEPR and IZA)
Vella, Francis (Georgetown University, Department of Economics)
Castillo, Marco (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Iacopetta, Maurizio (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Higgins, Matthew (Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Management)
Graham, Stuart (Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Management, and University of California, Berkeley)
Cox, Robynn (Georgia State University)
Petrie, Ragan (Georgia State University)
Cowgill, Bo (Google)
Baldwin, Richard (Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva)
Combes, Pierre-Philippe (GREQAM - University of Aix-Marseille)
Kirman, Alan (GREQAM, Marseille, France)
Ashraf, Nava (Harvard Business School)
Iyer, Lakshmi (Harvard Business School)
Lee, Robin (Harvard Business School)
Segal, Carmit (Harvard Business School)
Viceira, Luis (Harvard Business School)
Zeckhauser, Richard (Harvard KSG)
Bebchuk, Lucian (Harvard Law School )
Aghion, Philippe (Harvard University)
Alesina, Alberto (Harvard University)
Ambrus, Attila (Harvard University)
Antras, Pol (Harvard University)
Ashraf, Nava (Harvard University)
Barro, Robert (Harvard University)
Bubb, Ryan (Harvard University)
Campbell, John (Harvard University)
Cutler, David (Harvard University)
Egorov, Georgy (Harvard University)
Ferguson, Ronald (Harvard University)
Field, Erica (Harvard University)
Frankel, Jeffrey (Harvard University)
Freeman, Richard (Harvard University)
Fryer Jr., Roland G.(Harvard University)
Giuliano, Paola (Harvard University)
Glaeser, Edward L.(Harvard University)
Goldin, Claudia (Harvard University)
Hammitt, James (Harvard University)
Jacob, Brian (Harvard University)
Jensen, Robert (Harvard University)
Jha, Saumitra (Harvard University)
Jorgenson, Dale (Harvard University)
Katz, Lawrence (Harvard University)
Kremer, Michael (Harvard University)
Laibson, David (Harvard University)
Lerner, Joshua (Harvard University)
Levinson, Matthew (Harvard University)
Liebman, Jeffrey (Harvard University)
Lu, Shih-En (Harvard University)
Martin, Ian (Harvard University)
Mohanan, Manoj (Harvard University)
Mullainathan, Sendhil (Harvard University)
Murnane, Richard (Harvard University)
Nakamura, Emi (Harvard University)
Olken, Benjamin (Harvard University)
Pande, Rohini (Harvard University)
Rodrik, Dani (Harvard University)
Rogoff, Kenneth (Harvard University)
Roth, Al (Harvard University)
Schwartz, Allie (Harvard University)
Steele, Jennifer (Harvard University)
Sturzenneger, Federico (Harvard University)
Tsyvinski, Aleh (Harvard University)
Ursua, Jose (Harvard University)
Weller, Brian (Harvard University)
Willett, John (Harvard University)
Wise, David (Harvard University)
Doraszelski, Ulrich (Harvard University and CEPR)
Feldstein, Martin (Harvard University and NBER)
Freeman, Richard (Harvard University and NBER)
Laibson, David (Harvard University and NBER)
Madrian, Brigette (Harvard University and NBER)
Rogoff, Kenneth (Harvard University and NBER)
Tufano, Peter (Harvard University and NBER)
Kremer, Michael (Harvard University, Brookings Institution, Center for Global Development, and NBER)
Felsenstein, Daniel (Hebrew University)
Perry, Motty (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Citanna, Alessandro (HEC – Paris)
van Norden, Simon (HEC Montreal)
Valimaki, Juuso (Helsinki School of Economics)
Kawaguchi, Daiji (Hitotsubashi University)
Mori, Yuko (Hitotsubashi University)
Stern, Nicholas (HM Treasury, UK Government)
Swinton, Omari H.(Howard University)
Ebell, Monique (Humboldt-University of Berlin)
Ritschl, Albrecht (Humboldt-University of Berlin)
Martinez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada (Ibero Amerika Institute for Economic Research, University of Goettingen, Germany and Department of Economics, Universitate Jaume I, Castellon, Spain)
Menezes, Naercio (IBMEC Sao Paulo)
Cassiman, Bruno (IESE Business School and University of Leuven)
Favero, Carlo (IGIER-Bocconi and CEPR)
Giavazzi, Francesco (IGIER-Bocconi, MIT, CEPR and NBER)
Becker, William (Indiana University)
Heron, Randall (Indiana University)
Audretsch, David (Indiana University & Max Planck Institute)
Wilhelm , Mark (Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis)
Litzelman, Debra (Indiana University School of Medicine)
Faulk, Dagney (Indiana University Southeast)
Morrison, Gwendolyn C.(Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and Regenstrief Institute)
Frank, Douglas (INSEAD)
Gobillon, Laurent (Institut National d'Etudes Demographiques)
Roux, Sebastien (Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques)
Torero , Maximo (International Food Policy Research Institute)
Cerra, Valerie (International Monetary Fund)
Estevao, Marcello (International Monetary Fund)
Jeanne, Olivier (International Monetary Fund)
Lee, Jaewoo (International Monetary Fund)
Milesi-Ferretti, Gian Maria (International Monetary Fund)
Mishra, Prachi (International Monetary Fund)
Papageorgiou, Chris (International Monetary Fund)
Prati, Alessandro (International Monetary Fund)
Ranciere, Romain (International Monetary Fund)
Scalise, Diego (International Monetary Fund)
Spilimbergo, Antonio (International Monetary Fund)
Tong, Hui (International Monetary Fund)
Tressel, Thierry (International Monetary Fund)
Watt, Stanley (International Monetary Fund)
Wei, Shang-Jin (International Monetary Fund)
Zhang, Zhiwei (International Monetary Fund)
Tesfatsion, Leigh (Iowa State University)
Ferraz, Claudio (IPEA)
Akee, Randall Kekoa Quinones(IZA)
Krupka, Erin (IZA)
Tatsiramos, Konstantinos (IZA)
Zimmermann, Klaus F.(IZA and Bonn University)
Cardoso, Ana Rute (IZA Bonn)
Barrett, Scott (Johns Hopkins University)
Faust, Jon (Johns Hopkins University)
Krueger, Anne (Johns Hopkins University)
Moffitt , Robert (Johns Hopkins University)
Dranove, David (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University)
Feng Lu, Susan (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University)
Corrigan, Jay (Kenyon College)
Kim, Wonjoon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology/Yale University )
Kim, Soyoung (Korea University)
Libich, Jan (La Trobe University)
Grove, Wayne A.(Lemoyne College)
Gomes, Francisco (London Business School)
Gomez, Francisco (London Business School)
Portes, Richard (London Business School)
Siourounis, Grigorios (London Business School)
Heitmueller, Axel (London Business School and Prime Minister's Strategy Unit)
Besley, Timothy (London School of Economics)
Dickens, Richard (London School of Economics)
Favilukis, Jack (London School of Economics)
Ghatak, Maitreesh (London School of Economics)
Manning, Alan (London School of Economics)
Michaels, Guy (London School of Economics)
Petrongolo, Barbara (London School of Economics)
Pissarides, Christopher (London School of Economics)
Redding, Stephen (London School of Economics)
Sturm, Daniel (London School of Economics)
Van Reenen, John (London School of Economics)
Cinar, Mine E.(Loyola University Chicago)
Borghans, Lex (Maastricht University)
Dupuy, Arnaud (Maastricht University)
Riedl, Arno (Maastricht University)
Meyer, Laurence H.(Macroeconomic Advisers)
Lephardt, Noreen (Marquette University)
Acemoglu, Daron (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Angrist, Joshua (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Ariely, Dan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Banerjee, Abhijit (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Bruhn, Miriam (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Caballero, Ricardo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Doyle, Joseph (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Duflo, Esther (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Finkelstein, Amy (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Gibbons, Robert (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Golosov, Michael (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Greenstone, Michael (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Henderson, Rebecca (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Poterba, James (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Prelec, Drazen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Simsek, Alp (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Suri, Tavneet (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Wang, Jialan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Yildiz, Muhamet (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Azoulay, Pierre (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER)
Finkelstein, Amy (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER)
Keilbach, Max (Max Planck Institute)
Schnabel, Isabel (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods, Bonn)
Racine, Jeff (McMaster University)
Bloemhof, Barb (McMaster University, Canada)
Roberson, Brian (Miami University)
Davidson, Carl (Michigan State University)
Elder, Todd (Michigan State University)
Matusz, Steven (Michigan State University)
Minetti, Raoul (Michigan State University)
Shevchenko , Andrei (Michigan State University)
Wooldridge, Jeffrey M.(Michigan State University)
Colander, David (Middlebury College)
Rothschild, Casey (Middlebury College)
Kong, Fanying (Midland Lutheran College)
Madden, Kirsten (Millersville University)
Kehoe, Patrick (Minnesota)
Grimes, Paul W.(Mississippi State University)
Millea, Meghan J.(Mississippi State University)
Thomas, Kathleen (Mississippi State University)
Lawson, Catherine (Missouri Western State University)
Lawson, Larry (Missouri Western State University)
Gerlach, Jeffrey (MIT Sloan School of Management)
Brooks, Robert (Monash University, Australia)
Faff, Robert (Monash University, Australia)
Mulino, Daniel (Monash University, Australia)
Scheelings, Richard (Monash University, Australia)
Brown, James (Montana State University)
Fretwell, Holly (Montana State University)
Creahan, Tom (Morehead State University)
Stillman, Steven (Motu Economic and Public Policy Research)
Liu, Jin-Long (National Central University)
Carr, James H.(National Community Reinvestment Coalition)
Liu, Jin-Tan (National Taiwan University)
Chen, Yen-Chien (National Taiwan University and NBER)
Liu, Jin-Tan (National Taiwan University and NBER)
Hashmi, Aamir (National University of Singapore)
Lu, Jingfeng (National University of Singapore)
Butters, Roger B.(Nebraska Council on Economic Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Guriev, Sergei (New Economic School)
Sonin, Konstantin (New Economic School)
Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina (New Economic School)
Baumol, William (New York University)
Caplin, Andrew (New York University)
Chan, Sewin (New York University)
Cleanthous, Paris (New York University)
Comin, Diego (New York University)
Dean, Mark (New York University)
Easterly, William (New York University)
Flinn, Christopher (New York University)
Fogli, Alessandra (New York University)
Gabaix, Xavier (New York University)
Glimcher, Paul (New York University)
Jovanovic, Boyan (New York University)
Lai, Fang (New York University)
Lizzeri, Alessandro (New York University)
Morton, Rebecca (New York University)
Oestreicher-Singer, Gal (New York University)
Sargent, Thomas J.(New York University)
Saunders, Anthony (New York University)
Sisli Ciamarra, Elif (New York University)
Sundararajan, Arun (New York University)
Van Hemert, Otto (New York University)
Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn (New York University)
Veldkamp, Laura (New York University)
White, Lawrence (New York University)
Xu, Daniel (New York University)
Yeung, Bernard (New York University)
Gabaix, Xavier (New York University and NBER)
Ludvigson, Sydney (New York University and NBER)
Wessels, Walter (North Carolina State)
Gulseven, Osman (North Carolina State University)
Kandilov, Ivan (North Carolina State University)
Gustafson, Cole R.(North Dakota State University)
Bernal, Raquel (Northwestern University)
Ferrie, Joseph (Northwestern University)
Hendel, Igal (Northwestern University)
Hu, Luojia (Northwestern University)
Hubbard, Thomas (Northwestern University)
Moriguchi, Chiaki (Northwestern University)
Nagypal, Eva (Northwestern University)
Reuben, Ernesto (Northwestern University)
Spulber, Daniel (Northwestern University)
Taber, Christopher (Northwestern University)
Watanabe, Yasutora (Northwestern University)
Sapienza, Paola (Northwestern University and CEPR)
Vale, Bent (Norwegian Central Bank)
Ostergaard, Charlotte (Norwegian School of Management)
Schindele, Ibolya (Norwegian School of Management)
Tomlin, Kasaundra (Oakland University)
Kuttner, Ken (Oberlin College)
Dupor, William (Ohio State University)
Weinberg, Bruce (Ohio State University)
De Henau, Jerome (Open University)
Himmelweit, Susan (Open University)
Mazzucato, Mariana (Open University)
McGough, Bruce (Oregon State University)
Belenzon, Sharon (Oxford University)
Park, Albert (Oxford University)
Hunnicutt, Lynn (Pacific Lutheran University)
Travis, Karen (Pacific Lutheran University)
Sun , Peng (Peking University)
Zhang, Yi (Peking University)
Zhao, Yaohui (Peking University)
Ambrose, Brent (Pennsylvania State University)
Krishna, Kala (Pennsylvania State University)
Mateer, G. Dirk(Pennsylvania State University)
Roberts, Bee-Yan (Pennsylvania State University)
Rodriguez-Clare, Andres (Pennsylvania State University)
Jensen, J. Bradford(Peterson Institute)
Posen, Adam (Peterson Institute of International Economics)
Korn , Evelyn (Philipps-Universit at Marburg)
Rocha , Romero (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro)
Ashenfelter, Orley (Princeton University)
Battaglini, Marco (Princeton University)
Blinder, Alan (Princeton University)
Brunnermeier, Markus (Princeton University)
Case, Anne (Princeton University)
Cohen, Jonathan (Princeton University)
Deaton, Angus (Princeton University)
Fifer McIntosh , Molly (Princeton University)
Goldberg, Pinelopi K.(Princeton University)
Grossman, Gene (Princeton University)
Hall, Crystal (Princeton University)
Krugman, Paul (Princeton University)
McClure, Samuel (Princeton University)
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Porter, Tod (Youngstown State University)
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Arntz, Melanie (ZEW-Centre for European Economic Research)
Spearmann, Alexander (ZEW-Centre for European Economic Research)
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