CSWEP: Announcement of Fund to Support Mentoring for Women Professional Economists


The Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP) announces the funding of the Joan Haworth Mentoring Fund for use by institutions and senior women to provide mentoring support in the form of supplemental travel expenses. The objective of this fund is to encourage senior mentoring women and institutions to incorporate mentoring of junior professionals into their programs. It is designed to provide travel funds to permit mentors to either extend a visit to an institution for the purpose of mentoring or to visit an institution for that purpose alone.

Applications for funds may be submitted by the institution, junior women or the mentor herself. Guidelines for the expenses covered are the same as the AEA Guidelines for travel expenses. The funds are administered through the AEA and granted by application to the CSWEP Board.

Guidelines for applications include:
1) The vast majority of approved requests are under $1000.
2) Cost-sharing with the home institution is required.  The most typical application is to use the Haworth mentoring fund to pay for an additional hotel night and meals to extend the visit of a seminar visitor (funded by the home institution) for the purposes of mentoring activities.
3) The mentoring must benefit more than an individual faculty member.   Potential beneficiaries include other female junior faculty and other female graduate students.  Mentoring activities can take place individually or in groups.  Notice that mentoring does not have to occur strictly within field.  Established senior mentors can provide professional development advice (e.g. publishing, networking, etc) to those outside their field.
4) Successful applicants will be asked to write a summary of what they have gained from the mentoring effort.

Download an application for support by the Joan Haworth Mentoring Fund.
Questions regarding this program should be directed to cswep@econ.duke.edu.

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