From the Chair...
CSWEP Chair, Robin L. Bartlett - Denison University

CSWEP sponsored three new events this year at the AEA annual meeting.

First, Dr. Judith Chevalier was awarded a crystal paper-weight as the first recipient of the Elaine Bennett Research Prize. The founder of the prize, William Zame and friends of Elaine Bennett, were on hand for the awarding of the prize. Afterward, Judith Chevalier gave the first Elaine Bennett lecture to inform the large crowd that was present of her recent work on the behavior of mutual fund managers. A cake was ordered and shared at the CSWEP reception to honor her achievements. Second, the first Carolyn Shaw Bell Award was given to Dr. Alice Rivlin for her life-long achievements and for representing women in every aspect of the profession. Carolyn Shaw Bell wanted us to boast of the achievements of successful women and the size and placement of the plaque that was awarded ensures that our recognition of Dr. Rivlin's achievements will not go unnoticed.

Third, participants of the January, Midwest, and Southern CCOFFE workshops had their first reunion. While the weather and illness cut down on the numbers, thirty senior women, facilitators, and participants made it to the pre-conference reunion. Successes and disappointments were shared over mid-afternoon coffee and tea.

Joni Hersch, Stacy Dickert-Conlin and Sheila Murray once again put together a successful Women on the Run event. The dozen or so runners braved the cold and Central Park. Sally and some of us who were less courageous greeted them upon their return. Everyone was accounted for and posed for a picture. Next year's run will be bigger than ever along the Charles. Start getting in shape for the CSWEP millennium run.

There will be two more CCOFFE workshops at the Eastern in March and the Western in July. Information is elsewhere in the newsletter. If you know of an assistant professor, not necesasrily at a Ph.D.-granting institution, who could use some support, pass on the information.

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