2014-2015 Job Market Candidates

If you are a minority PhD candidate and would like to be added to this list, please email Gary A. Hoover at ghoover@culverhouse.ua.edu

Name University of Affiliation Major Fields of Interest Email / Website CV / Paper

Archibong, Belinda

Columbia University

Political Economy, Development Economics, Economic and Political Geography, and Energy Policy Email / Website 1 / Website 2 CV
Axarlian, Gabriel University of California, Santa Cruz Media Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Information Economics

Email / Website

CV / paper
Byron, Sharri Drew University health, macroeconomics, development, international macroeconomics Email  
Frye, Dustin University of Colorado, Boulder Economic Geography, Development Economics, and Economic History Email / Website CV
Hoagland, Chasya University of Washington Labor Economics, Education Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics Email / Website CV
Kamara, Yusufu Unisa University of Kansas Development Economics, Capital Flows, Growth Email / Website 1 / Website 2 CV
Khalil, Saad Strayer University   Email CV
Median, Juan University of Alabama Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory and Policy Email / Website paper
Olivieri, Elisa University of Chicago labor economics, microeconomics, industrial organization Email/ Website CV
Patton, Michaela University of Alabama Urban Economics, Regional Economics, Labor Economics Email / Website CV
Rebeira, Mayvis University of Toronto Health Economics, Econometrics, Economic History Email paper
Smythe, Andria Temple University Human Capital, Labor, Economic Development, Higher Education Email / Website CV
Soumahoro, Souleymane University of Oklahoma Development Economics, Political Economy, Applied Econometrics Email / Website CV / paper
Tello-Trillo, Cristina Yale University International Trade, Organizational Economics Email / Website CV
Traveria, Enrique Ohio State University entrepreneurship and labor economics Email CV
Yemba, Boniface University of Kansas Macroeconomics, International Economics, Monetary Economics, Fiscal Polity Email / Website CV


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