Patrick L. Mason

Patrick L. Mason is Professor of Economics and Director, African American Studies Program, Florida State University. His primary areas of interest include labor economics, political economy, economic development, and the economics of crime. He is particularly interested in racial inequality, educational achievement, income distribution, unemployment, economics of identity (race and religion), family environment and socioeconomic wellbeing, and transitions in family structure and public policy, racial profiling, and innovation and development in Caribbean economies. In addition to membership in the America Economic Association and the National Economic Association, Professor Mason is also Member, Board of Directors, National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI).

Professor Mason is general editor of the International Encyclopedia of Race and Racism, 2nd Edition, Macmillan Reference USA (In-Progress) and author of African Americans and the Political Economy of Race: individualist and stratification perspectives on persistent labor market and other inequality, University of North Carolina Press (In-Progress).

Professor Mason’s professional service activities include: Program Director, CSMGEP Mentoring Program (August, 2009 - present); Mentor, Diversity Initiative for Tenure in Economics (DITE, 2009 - present); Chair, Committee on the Status of Minorities in the Economics Profession, American Economic Association, 2002-2004; Member, Committee on the Status of Minorities in the Economics Profession, American Economic Association, 1991-2001; President, National Economic Association, 2002; Moderator and Founder, National Economic Association Listserv, November 6, 1996 – present; Moderator and Founder, American Society of Hispanic Economics Listserv (2002 – present).

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