ASSA 2013 Annual Meeting App

The app is your Swiss Army Knife for the event!

Build your personal daily schedule, receive reminders and updates, find what you are looking for, take notes, and more. Free to download; easy to use!

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How to download:

Click the badge on our website, scan the QR code, or:

iOS App Store
   1. On your device, open the App Store app
   2. Search for ASSA 2013
   3. Install and run

Note: Apple devices running an OS of 4.2 or lower will need to update their OS (see; should your device be no longer supported or able to update, you can access the web version of the app directly at

Android Market/Google Play Store
   1. On your device, open the Android Market app
   2. Search for ASSA 2013
   3. Install and run

All other devices
Enter in your device's browser address bar (not the Google search bar). The web app is designed for mobile viewing and requires continued Internet access to run.


Build your personal daily schedule
Plan your day by selecting sessions from the visual schedule, categories, or via search and hit the schedule icon in the session detail view.

Receive reminders and updates
Keep an eye on your dynamic home screen to see important messages, upcoming events, or sessions about to start.

Engage and network
Browse speakers or attendees, find exhibitors, even share via Twitter or email.

Find what you are looking for
Use the search, filters, and maps to find sessions, people, and locate your meeting rooms.

Personalize the event program
Bookmark any item with a star to, for example, see a list of all the exhibitors you want to visit or liked.

Take notes
Make the most of your app and take notes directly to sessions, speakers, and exhibitors. At the end of the event, export all notes and starred items via email.

Tips and Icons

Find out what all the buttons mean and all the cool features available. Use the More tab to find the App Help link. The icon legend explaining all the buttons is posted here also for your convenience.

--Explore everything the app has to offer - simply try out all the buttons to see what they do.

--Use filters to view sessions by JEL classification. Be sure to turn the filter back off in order to view the full conference schedule!

--Check the visual schedule for empty timeblocks to maximize your time at your event.

--Take notes on any item and export all notes in an email after the event.

--Star mark items you like and don't want to forget about - you can filter by star and have them included in your notes email.

--Network with fellow attendees; the hotel directory is built into the app.


I can't download the app!?
Is your device connected to the Internet ?You must have a working Internet connection to download and install the app.

What's the app store login?
Check with the person that set up the phone for you what the username and password are to access the app store. If you cannot retrieve your password, please use the web version of the app (using your browser on the device.)

I don't have an iPhone, iPad, or Android device?
Use the web app by entering in your browser address bar.

I have an older iPhone, and when I try to install the app, it tells me I must upgrade to iOS version 4.3?
If you are using a 1st or 2nd generation iPhone, you will need to scan the QR code for the web version of the app, or go to and use the web version of the app. If you have a 3rd or 4th generation iPhone that needs to be upgraded to iOS 4.3, you can do so by connecting your device to iTunes through your computer. More help on how to update a device is available at

I have entered the web app URL but it's not opening a web app page?
Be sure to type the URL in the browser address bar, not the Google search field.

Already downloaded the app, but need help with features?
Use the More tab to find the App Help link. Or see the features or tips posted here on this page.

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Other Information

The next meeting is scheduled for January 6-8, 2017 in Chicago, IL. The headquarters hotel is the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

Papers and Proceedings of the Annual Meeting is published in the May issue of the American Economic Review. The guidelines for Papers and Proceedings are available online.

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