American Economic Journal: Microeconomics: Vol. 3 No. 1 (February 2011)


Strategic Entry Deterrence and the Behavior of Pharmaceutical Incumbents Prior to Patent Expiration (pp. 1-36)
Glenn Ellison and Sara Fisher Ellison
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Experimentation, Patents, and Innovation (pp. 37-77)
Daron Acemoglu, Kostas Bimpikis and Asuman Ozdaglar
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Incentives and Innovation: A Multitasking Approach (pp. 78-128)
Thomas Hellmann and Veikko Thiele
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Testable Implications of Gross Substitutes in Demand for Two Goods (pp. 129-36)
Christopher P. Chambers, Federico Echenique and Eran Shmaya
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A Welfare Analysis of Arbitration (pp. 174-213)
Wojciech Olszewski
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Ensuring Sales: A Theory of Inter-firm Credit (pp. 245-79)
Arup Daripa and Jeffrey Nilsen
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"Personal Influence": Social Context and Political Competition (pp. 307-27)
Andrea Galeotti and Andrea Mattozzi
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