Journal of Economic Literature: Vol. 38 No. 1 (March 2000)

The Economic Theory of Public Enforcement of Law (pp. 45-76)
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell
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Shadow Economies: Size, Causes, and Consequences (pp. 77-114)
Friedrich Schneider and Dominik H. Enste
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Book Reviews

Book Reviews (pp. 115-165)
John Bryant, Susan Howson, Theodore Burczak, Herbert Gintis, Jennifer S. Lerner, Robert A. Margo, Alan Williams, Han Bleichrodt, Itai Sened, Jeffrey Cason, Christopher D. Carroll, F. Gerard Adams, Heidi Vernon, Takeo Hoshi, John C. Ries, Guido Cozzi, Charles van Marrewijk, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Benjamin J. Cohen, Benn Steil, Roger D. Congleton, Gordon B. Dahl, Barry R. Chiswick, Robert L. Clark, Alfredo Saad-Filho, William L. Goffe, Marie Anchordoguy, Walter Galenson, Regina Werum, John Majewski, M. June Flanders, Manuel R. Acosin, Gavin Wright, Thomas R. Gottschang and Gerhard Sorger
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