American Economic Review: Vol. 94 No. 1 (March 2004)


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Internet Job Search and Unemployment Durations

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Kuhn, Peter, and Mikal Skuterud. 2004. "Internet Job Search and Unemployment Durations." American Economic Review, 94(1): 218-232.

DOI: 10.1257/000282804322970779


Using the December 1998 and August 2000 CPS Computer and Internet Supplements matched with subsequent CPS files, we ask which types of unemployed workers looked for work on line and whether Internet searchers became reemployed more quickly. In our data, Internet searchers have observed characteristics that are typically associated with shorter unemployment spells, and do spend less time unemployed. This unemployment differential is however eliminated and in some cases reversed when we hold observable characteristics constant. We conclude that either Internet job search is ineffective in reducing unemployment durations, or Internet job searchers are negatively selected on unobservables.

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Kuhn, Peter
Skuterud, Mikal

American Economic Review

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