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American Economic Association Announces Award Recipients for 2014

NASHVILLE, TN (April 17, 2014) - The American Economic Association (AEA) announces recipients of the John Bates Clark Medal, Distinguished Fellows, and the "Best Paper Prizes" of the American Economic Journals. These outstanding achievements will be honored at the AEA Annual Meeting, January 3-5, 2015, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Awarded annually to an economist under the age of 40, the John Bates Clark Medal recognizes outstanding research accomplishments in economics. The AEA Electoral College, consisting of the Association's Honors and Awards Committee and voting members of the Executive Committee, selects the winner.

The Distinguished Fellow awards recognize the lifetime research contributions of four distinguished economists. Since 1965, past presidents of the AEA are recognized as Distinguished Fellows, and up to four additional individuals may be elected for the award in one calendar year. Distinguished Fellows are selected by the AEA Nominating Committee and voting members of the Executive Committee, sitting together as an electoral college. A list of current and past Distinguished Fellows is available at

The AEA recently established the annual American Economic Journal (AEJ) "Best Paper Prize" which highlights the best paper published in each of the American Economic Journals: Applied Economics, Economic Policy, Macroeconomics, and Microeconomics over the last three years. Nominations are provided by AEA members, and winners are selected by the journals' editors, co-editors, and boards of editors.

A list of the award winners is provided below. For more information about these awards, the recipients, and biographies of the John Bates Clark Medalist and Distinguished Fellows, visit

The American Economic Association Awards Results

John Bates Clark Medalist

Matthew Gentzkow, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Distinguished Fellows

Robert J. Barro, Harvard University
Gregory Chi-Chong Chow, Princeton University
Robert J. Gordon, Northwestern University
Richard Zeckhauser, Harvard University

American Economic Journal (AEJ) "Best Paper Prize"
Complimentary full-text articles are available at the web addresses referenced below.

AEJ: Applied Economics: "Do Teenagers Respond to HIV Risk Information? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Kenya," Pascaline Dupas, vol. 3, no. 1 (January 2011), pp. 1-34,

AEJ: Economic Policy: "Corruption Dynamics: The Golden Goose Effect," Paul Niehaus and Sandip Sukhtankar, vol. 5, no. 4 (November 2013), pp. 230-269),

AEJ: Macroeconomics: "Marginal Jobs, Heterogeneous Firms, and Unemployment Flows," Michael W. L. Elsby and Ryan Michaels, vol. 5, no. 1 (January 2013), pp. 1-48),

AEJ: Microeconomics: "Set-Asides and Subsidies in Auctions," Susan Athey, Dominic Coey, and Jonathan Levin, vol. 5, no. 1 (February 2013), pp. 1-27,

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