American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics: Editorial Policy

General Nature of the Editorial Process

Manuscripts submitted to the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics are handled by an Editor, a Coeditor, and a staff located in Pittsburgh, using an Internet-based manuscript management software system. Papers are submitted online electronically, processed by the Pittsburgh office staff, and then distributed by the Editor to the Coeditor or to himself/herself to oversee the refereeing process and to make a publication decision. Papers are assigned on the basis of field of expertise, combined with a variety of other considerations including equalization of work-load and conflict-of-interest rules. Once assigned, papers are handled by the designated Coeditor throughout the decision process.

Peer Review, Confidentiality, and Editorial Handling

There are several rules that affect assignment of manuscripts. Coeditors are generally not assigned manuscripts authored by an individual at his or her institution or a current student. Papers falling into these categories are handled by the Editor or by a different Coeditor with appropriate procedures for confidentiality of refereeing. Papers submitted by a Coeditor are handled by the Editor and papers submitted by the Editor are handled by a Coeditor, again employing appropriate confidentiality procedures.

Manuscripts are reviewed in a single-blind fashion. The name of the author is revealed to the referee(s), while the referee(s) remain anonymous to authors.

Disclosure Policy

When submitting papers for peer review, all authors must provide Disclosure Statements, identifying potential conflicts of interest. If authors have nothing to disclose, they are obligated to submit a statement explicity stating this. Disclosure Statements should also disclose whether IRB approval was obtained for the project, and if not, state the reason(s). For published papers, a brief summary of potential conflicts of interest should appear in the acknowledgements footnote. A more detailed account will be available on the journal's website, posted with the paper. The complete Dislosure Policy can be found at

Data Availability Policy

It is the policy of the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics to publish papers only if the data used in the analysis are clearly and precisely documented and are readily available to any researcher for purposes of replication. Details of the computations sufficient to permit replication must be provided. The Editor should be notified at the time of submission if the data used in a paper are proprietary, or if, for some other reason, the above requirements cannot be met. The full data availability policy can be viewed at

Policy on Papers Previously Submitted to the AER

The American Economic Journals will consider papers previously reviewed by the American Economic Review. Authors of manuscripts previously reviewed by the AER may request that, subject to the referees' agreement, the full correspondence files of the AER referees (including cover letters as well as referees' reports) be shared with the editors of the AEJ to which the author is applying (AEJ: Applied Economics, AEJ: Economic Policy, AEJ: Macroeconomics, or AEJ: Microeconomics), who will have the discretion to make a decision based on these reports or to request additional reports.

If you wish to take advantage of this option answer YES to the question on the online submission form asking "Has your paper previously been submitted to the AER, and if yes, would you like to request the materials from your AER review be forwarded to the AEJ editors?" If you DO NOT wish the AEJ editors to see the file of a paper previously submitted to the AER, answer NO to the question. When such a request has been made, the AEJ staff will contact each referee to obtain his or her permission, and if it is granted, will forward all referee correspondence to the AEJ editor.

If an author chooses to ask the AEJ editor to use the AER referee reports and correspondence, it is not necessary to change the paper in response to the AER referee comments at this stage. However, if you do change it, also separately upload the original version of the paper that was sent to the AER and a letter detailing the changes you made and choose the file designation 'Misc. (for review).'

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