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Spanish Economic History Association (AEHE); University of Murcia

September 09-12, 2008
IX International Conference of the Spanish Economic History Association
Murcia, University of Murcia , Spain
Program: Plenary Sessions A-1: GDP and Economic Macro-magnitudes in Ancien R?gime Spain A-2: Companies and Industrial Districts in the World Market Sessions B B-1: Economic Growth in Postcolonial Latin America B-2: "Fiscal State" and Economic Depression in Habsburg Spain B-3: From Charity to the Welfare State: A History of the Social Security B-4: Economic Inequality and the Origins of Redistributing Politics in Spain and Portugal B-5: The Internationalization of Spanish Companies in Historical Perspective B-6: Tariffs and the Electric Industrial Regulation in Spain B-7: The Market and the State: The Development Plans During the Franco Regime B-8: Local Institutions, the Market and Economic Development in Mediterranean Europe from the Atlantic Perspective, 15th-20th centuries B-9: Harbours and Urban Economic Activities B-10: Economics of the Game in Spain B-11: Cooperatives and associative networks in Europe and Latin America: a comparative approach, 19th-20th centuries B-12: New Issues In Quantitative Economic History B-13: Economic History of Tourism Trade B-14: Political Economy of Foreign Investment in Spain and from Spain, 19th-20th centuries B-16: Companies and Municipalities in Contemporary Spain [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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