ASSA 2014: Photos


Valerie Ramey, Alan Auerbach

Interview Tables at the 2014 AEA Job Placement Service

CSWEP 2013 Carolyn Shaw Bell Award (L to R: CSWEP Chair Marjorie McElroy, recipient Rachel McCulloch, and Linda Goldberg)

CSWEP 2012 Elaine Bennett Research Prize (L to R: CSWEP Chair Marjorie McElroy, recipient Anna Mikusheva, and Nancy Rose)

Session: What's Natural? Key Macroeconomic Parameters after the Great Recession (L to R: Robert Barky, Leonardo Melosi, Mark Watson and John Fernald)

Matthew Shapiro

L to R: Susanto Basu, Charles I. Jones

L to R: Martin Weitzman, Kenneth Arrow

L to R: John Campbell, Angus Deaton

L to R: Monika Piazzesi, Campbell Harvey, 2013 AFA President Robert Stambaugh

AFA President Luigi Zingales

L to R: Andrew Metrick, AEA/AFA Luncheon Speaker Jeremy Stein, John Campbell

L to R: 2013 AEA President Claudia Goldin, Sheridan Titman

L to R: AEA President-Elect Richard Thaler, Bengt Holmström

Session: Discounting for the Long Run (Maureen Cropper, Christian Gollier)

Linda Goldberg

Rachel McCulloch

Chairman Bernanke Presentation (L to R: Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, Kenneth Rogoff)

L to R: Anil Kashyap, William Nordhaus

AEA President (2014) William Nordhaus

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

William Nordhaus

Kenneth Rogoff

Anil Kashyap

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

Audience at the Chairman Bernanke Presentation

Ely Lecturer James Poterba

L to R: Amy Finkelstein, Hal Varian, Jim Poterba

L to R: Michael Woodford, Matthew Shapiro, AEA Secretary-Treasurer Peter Rousseau

L to R: Robert Hall, Paul Milgrom

L to R: Anne Krueger, Kenneth Arrow

Session: Financial Globalization (L to R: Hans-Werner Sinn, Ernesto Zedillo, Andrew Haldane, Maurice Obstfeld)

Session: Economics at the Federal Reserve Banks (L to R: Stanley Fischer, Charles Plosser, Eric Rosengren, William Dudley)

Session: Economics at the Federal Reserve Banks (L to R: Stanley Fischer, Charles Plosser, Eric Rosengren, William Dudley)

William Dudley

Charles Plosser

Nobel Laureate Luncheon Speakers (L to R:) Paul Milgrom, Roger Myerson

L to R: Paul Milgrom, Roger Myerson, 2012 Nobel Laureate Alvin Roth

L to R: AEA President-Elect (2014) Richard Thaler, AEA President (2013) Claudia Goldin

L to R: Richard Thaler, Claudia Goldin, Peter Rousseau

L to R: Rosa Matzkin, Christopher Sims

Previous Clark Medalists Jonathan Levin (2011), Susan Athey (2007)

L to R: Roger Myerson, Kenneth Arrow, Dale Jorgensen

Distinguished Fellow Paul Joskow

Distinguished Fellows Paul Joskow and Stanley Fischer

Stanley Fischer receiving Distinguished Fellow Award from William Nordhaus

Clark Medalist Raj Chetty speaking at Awards Ceremony

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