2013 AEA Annual Meeting Webcasts of Selected Sessions

View Webcasts of selected sessions from the Annual Meeting in San Diego on January 4-6, 2013! (compliments of AEA):

Sovereign Debt Crises and Policies: History and Future Prospects (F3)(Panel Discussion) (January 4, 2013):
Olivier Blanchard; Simon Johnson; Kenneth Rogoff; Thomas Sargent

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Health Insurance and Government Mandates: A Session to Honor Amy Finkelstein, John Bates Clark Medalist for 2012 (I1) (Panel Discussion) (January 5, 2013):
Amitabh Chandra; Amy Finkelstein; Martin Feldstein; Jonathan Gruber; Jonathan Skinner

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Models or Muddles: How the Press Covers Economics and the Economy (A0) (Panel Discussion) (January 5, 2013):
Alan Blinder; Tyler Cowen; Adam Davidson; Kelly Evans; Chrystia Freeland; David Wessel

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Reflections on the 100th Anniversary of the Federal Reserve (E5) (January 5, 2013):
Alan Blinder; Robert E. Lucas, Jr.; Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff; Christina D. Romer and David H. Romer; Charles Plosser; Donald Kohn
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What Do Economists Think about Major Public Policy Issues? (A1) (January 5, 2013):
Anil Kashyap; Roger Gordon and Gordon B. Dahl; Luigi Zingales; Paul Krugman; Monika Piazzesi; Robert Hall; David Wessel; Justin Wolfers
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ASSA 2013
"Models and Muddles: How the Press Covers Economics and the Economy" session:
Kelly Evans, David Wessel, Alan Blinder and Chrystia Freeland

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