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Bay Area Environmental Research Institute
Space Weather Research Fellow
Position Title/Short Description
Title: Space Weather Research Fellow
Section: 6 -- Other Nonacademic (Temporary, Part-Time, Non-Salaried, Consulting, Etc.)
Location: Palo Alto, CA, USA
JEL Classifications:
00 -- Default: Any Field
C8 -- Data Collection and Data Estimation Methodology; Computer Programs
Keywords: Space-weather, research, economic impact on technological infrastructure, solar magnetic activity
Deadline Date: 07/31/2012
Salary Range: $65,000/yr

JOE ID Number: 201206_397140

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Full Text of JOE Listing:
A one-year research position is available with the Spaceweather effort (a collaborative effort between NASA Ames Research Center and the Lockheed Martin Solar & Astrophysics Laboratory (LMSAL)).

Space weather affects our technological infrastructure: many power-grid disturbances, satellite anomalies, and positioning errors, for example, are attributable to the coupling of solar magnetic activity into the electrical, electronic, or electromagnetic components of modern everyday life. Impacts include catastrophic ones (including transformer short circuits and satellite outages), relatively mild fluctuations in the system (such as frequency shifts in power grids and communications interruptions), and gradual but persistent effects (oxidation on long metal systems such as oil pipelines that shorten life cycles). The combination of these effects has been estimated to cost the US economy billions of dollars each year, with the potential of trillions of dollars for high-impact low-frequency extreme events.

LMSAL and NASA Ames are supporting studies that enable better estimates of the threats to society and of the value of the economic impacts, i.e., to map the hazard of space weather to a quantitative risk. The scientists and engineers at LMSAL and NASA provide an environment with a great deal of expertise in the physics of space weather and the engineering of space-based systems. We are planning to fill a research position with an expert on risk analysis, economy, or business management.

The ideal candidate has at least a Master's degree in economics, with at least two years of experience in evaluating the costs of external perturbations to a national or global economy, particularly those associated with electrical power grids or satellite systems. Training in at least undergraduate physics is required. The appointment will be for a minimum one-year period, with potential for extension, in which studies of the economic impact of space weather will be conducted in collaboration with scientists at LMSAL and NASA Ames. This research will be published in the refereed literature. The methodology and findings of the research will also be translated into teaching modules useful to both space physicists and stakeholders in the US economic system.

The research fellow will work with tools, data and researchers from NASA's Ames Research Center and Lockheed Martin's Solar & Astrophysics Laboratory.

The initial position is for a one-year period and will start as soon as possible.
Application Instructions:

Submit resumes, a 1-2 page research statement and 2 references to: The Bay Area Environmental Research Institute

Email for Applications:
FAX for Applications: (707) 938-3984
Informational URL:

For more information, email:
For more information, phone: (707) 398-9387

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