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ASSA 2014 Interview Tables From ASSA 2014: Photo depicts ongoing interview sessions at the open job placement service serving several hundred candidates who participate in the annual economics job fair. This event is just one of many targeted AEA career advancement opportunities available to economics professionals and graduates.

JOE is provided by the American Economic Association. JOE is updated near the first of every month except January and July. The deadline for employers to submit listings is the 15th of the month preceding the update on the 1st of the month. Late listing submission (from the 16th through 25th of each month) for an additional charge. See below for details.

Employers: The JOE employer system is currently offline for scheduled maintenance. JOE listings for Fall 2014 and beyond can be placed beginning in August 2014.

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JOE Print Subscription: For nine years JOE has been exclusively an electronic publication. JOE returned to print in August 2011 in order to insure that it satisfies U.S. Department of Labor Foreign Labor Certification advertising requirements for the purpose of issuing permanent visas to individuals initially hired as college or university teachers on a temporary visa. Ironically, on September 1, 2011, the Department of Labor changed the eligibility rules toward electronic publications so that they now satisfy the advertising requirement if they are available to job candidates free of charge, as is JOE. Consequently, in June 2012, JOE retired its print publication (again).

Available Retired Faculty Listing: As an experiment, the AEA initiated a listing of retired economists who may be interested in teaching on either a part-time or temporary basis. AEA members can add or delete their name at any time during the year. The listing will be active from February 1 through November 30 each year. Listings will be deleted on November 30; the service will be closed during December and January, re-opening on February 1.

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The American Economic Association does not endorse any form of discrimination in hiring economists. For details about relevant Association policy, see “About JOE.”


The deadline to submit listings is the 15th of the month preceding the update on the 1st of the month. This is a firm deadline. However, we are now able to offer late listings from the 16th through the 25th of the month preceding the update for an additional charge (see below). No listings past the 25th can be accepted.

Charges for Listings (Per Month, 15th or prior)

Charges for Late Listing Submission (Per Month, 16th-25th)

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The European Economic Association also lists employment opportunities for economists.

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