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Abeler, Johannes and Jäger, Simon: Complex Tax Incentives

Agrawal, David R.: The Tax Gradient: Spatial Aspects of Fiscal Competition [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Akbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude and Yuksel, Mutlu: The Long-Term Direct and External Effects of Jewish Expulsions in Nazi Germany

Bø, Erlend E.; Slemrod, Joel and Thoresen, Thor O.: Taxes on the Internet: Deterrence Effects of Public Disclosure [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Bachmann, Rüdiger; Berg, Tim O. and Sims, Eric R.: Inflation Expectations and Readiness to Spend: Cross-sectional Evidence

Barone, Guglielmo; D'Acunto, Francesco and Narciso, Gaia: Telecracy: Testing for Channels of Persuasion [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Basso, Leonardo J. and Silva, Hugo E.: Efficiency and Substitutability of Transit Subsidies and Other Urban Transport Policies [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Benhassine, Najy; Devoto, Florencia; Duflo, Esther; Dupas, Pascaline and Pouliquen, Victor: Turning a Shove Into a Nudge? A "Labeled Cash Transfer" for Education

Bento, Antonio; Kaffine, Daniel; Roth, Kevin and Zaragoza-Watkins, Matthew: The Effects of Regulation in the Presence of Multiple Unpriced Externalities: Evidence from the Transportation Sector [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Bhalotra, Sonia and Clots-Figueras, Irma: Health and the Political Agency of Women [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Blonigen, Bruce A.; Oldenski, Lindsay and Sly, Nicholas: The Differential Effects of Bilateral Tax Treaties [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Bohn, Henning and Stuart, Charles: Calculation of a Population Externality [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Borghans, Lex; Gielen, Anne C. and Luttmer, Erzo F. P.: Social Support Substitution and the Earnings Rebound: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity in Disability Insurance Reform [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Bosch, Mariano and Campos-Vázquez, Raymundo M.: The Trade-offs of Welfare Policies in Labor Markets with Informal Jobs: The Case of the “Seguro Popular” Program in Mexico [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Briant, Anthony; Lafourcade, Miren and Schmutz, Benoît: Can Tax Breaks Beat Geography? Lessons from the French Enterprise Zone Experience

Bronzini, Raffaello and Iachini, Eleonora: Are Incentives for R&D Effective? Evidence From a Regression Discontinuity Approach [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Brueckner, Jan K. and Neumark, David: Beaches, Sunshine, and Public-Sector Pay: Theory and Evidence on Amenities and Rent Extraction by Government Workers [Preview] [Data Set]

Bui, Sa A.; Craig, Steven G. and Imberman, Scott A.: Is Gifted Education a Bright Idea? Assessing the Impact of Gifted and Talented Programs on Students [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Cadena, Brian C. and Keys, Benjamin J.: Human Capital and the Lifetime Costs of Impatience

Carneiro, Pedro and Ginja, Rita: Long-Term Impacts of Compensatory Preschool on Health and Behavior: Evidence from Head Start [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Cellini, Stephanie Riegg and Goldin, Claudia: Does Federal Student Aid Raise Tuition? New Evidence on For-Profit Colleges [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Cohen, Lauren and Malloy, Christopher J.: Friends in High Places [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Coile, Courtney C.; Levine, Phillip B. and McKnight, Robin: Recessions, Older Workers, and Longevity: How Long Are Recessions Good For Your Health? [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Currie, Janet and Tekin, Erdal: Is There a Link Between Foreclosure and Health? [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Davis, Lucas; Fuchs, Alan and Gertler, Paul: Cash for Coolers: Evaluating a Large-Scale Appliance Replacement Program in Mexico [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

de Leon, Fernanda Leite Lopez and Rizzi, Renata: A Test for the Rational Ignorance Hypothesis: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Brazil [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

DeAngelo, Gregory and Hansen, Benjamin: Life and Death in the Fast Lane: Police Enforcement and Traffic Fatalities [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Devereux, Michael; Liu, Li and Loretz, Simon: The Elasticity of Corporate Taxable Income: New Evidence from UK Tax Records [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Dranove, David; Forman, Chris; Goldfarb, Avi and Greenstein, Shane: The Trillion Dollar Conundrum: Complementarities and Health Information Technology [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Egger, Peter; Keuschnigg, Christian; Merlo, Valeria and Wamser, Georg: Corporate Taxes and Internal Borrowing within Multinational Firms [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Eriksen, Michael D. and Ross, Amanda: Housing Vouchers and the Price of Rental Housing

Evans, William N. and Garthwaite, Craig L.: Giving Mom a Break: The Impact of Higher EITC Payments on Maternal Health [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Fairlie, Robert W.; Karlan, Dean and Zinman, Jonathan: Behind the GATE Experiment: Evidence on Effects of and Rationales for Subsidized Entrepreneurship Training [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Feldman, Naomi E. and Ruffle, Bradley J.: The Impact of Including, Adding, and Subtracting a Tax on Demand [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Fisher, Lynn M.; Lambie-Hanson, Lauren and Willen, Paul: The Role of Proximity in Foreclosure Externalities: Evidence from Condominiums [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Fitzpatrick, Maria D. and Lovenheim, Michael F.: Early Retirement Incentives and Student Achievement [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Frankel, Alexander: Taxation of Couples Under Assortative Mating [Preview]

French, Eric and Song, Jae: The Effect of Disability Insurance Receipt on Labor Supply [Preview] [Data Set]

Gil, Ricard: Does Vertical Integration Decrease Prices? Evidence from the Paramount Antitrust Case of 1948 [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Hausman, Catherine: Corporate Incentives and Nuclear Safety [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Hodler, Roland; Luechinger, Simon and Stutzer, Alois: The Effects of Voting Costs on the Democratic Process and Public Finances

Hornbeck, Richard and Keskin, Pinar: Does Agriculture Generate Local Economic Spillovers? Short-run and Long-run Evidence from the Ogallala Aquifer

Hoynes, Hilary W.; Miller, Douglas L. and Simon, David: Income, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and Infant Health [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Huck, Steffen; Rasul, Imran and Shephard, Andrew: Comparing Charitable Fundraising Schemes: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment and a Structural Model [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Huizinga, Harry; Voget, Johannes and Wagner, Wolf: International Taxation and Cross-Border Banking [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

James, Alexander: US State Fiscal Policy and Natural Resources

Kerr, William R.; Lincoln, William F. and Mishra, Prachi: The Dynamics of Firm Lobbying [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Kleven, Henrik Jacobsen and Schultz, Esben Anton: Estimating Taxable Income Responses Using Danish Tax Reforms [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Klier, Thomas and Linn, Joshua: Using Taxes To Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rates of New Passenger Vehicles: Evidence from France, Germany, and Sweden [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Kopczuk, Wojciech and Munroe, David J.: Mansion Tax: The Effect of Transfer Taxes on the Residential Real Estate Market [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

LaLumia, Sara; Sallee, James M. and Turner, Nicholas: New Evidence on Taxes and the Timing of Birth

Lan, Xiaohuan and Li, Ben: The Economics of Nationalism [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Lewis, Matthew S. and Pflum, Kevin E.: Diagnosing Hospital System Bargaining Power in Managed Care Networks [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Li, Shanjun; Linn, Joshua and Muehlegger, Erich: Gasoline Taxes and Consumer Behavior [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Liebman, Jeffrey B. and Luttmer, Erzo F. P.: Would People Behave Differently If They Better Understood Social Security? Evidence From a Field Experiment [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Lleras-Muney, Adriana and Shertzer, Allison: Did the Americanization Movement Succeed? An Evaluation of the Effect of English-Only and Compulsory Schools Laws on Immigrants

Lutz, Byron: Quasi-Experimental Evidence on the Connection Between Property Taxes and Residential Capital Investment [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Novan, Kevin: Valuing the Wind: Renewable Energy Policies and Air Pollution Avoided

Reback, Randall; Rockoff, Jonah and Schwartz, Heather L.: Under Pressure: Job Security, Resource Allocation, and Productivity in Schools Under No Child Left Behind [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Rohlfs, Chris; Sullivan, Ryan and Kniesner, Thomas: New Estimates of the Value of a Statistical Life Using Air Bag Regulations as a Quasi-Experiment [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Romer, Christina D. and Romer, David H.: The Incentive Effects of Marginal Tax Rates: Evidence from the Interwar Era [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Additional Materials]

Scheuer, Florian: Entrepreneurial Taxation with Endogenous Entry [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Tanaka, Shinsuke: Does Abolishing User Fees Lead to Improved Health Status? Evidence from Post-Apartheid South Africa [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Ujhelyi, Gergely: Civil Service Rules and Policy Choices: Evidence from US State Governments [Preview] [Data Set]

Vegh, Carlos A. and Vuletin, Guillermo: How is Tax Policy Conducted over the Business Cycle?

Watson, Tara: Inside the Refrigerator: Immigration Enforcement and Chilling Effects in Medicaid Participation [Preview] [Data Set]

Winston, Clifford and Yan, Jia: Open Skies: Estimating Travelers' Benefits from Free Trade in Airline Services [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]