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Abdulkadiroğlu, Atila; Che, Yeon-Koo and Yasuda, Yosuke: Expanding "Choice" in School Choice [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Appendix]

Alonso, Ricardo; Dessein, Wouter and Matouschek, Niko: Organizing to Adapt and Compete

Ambrus, Attila and Lu, Shih En: A Continuous-Time Model of Multilateral Bargaining [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Ausubel, Lawrence M. and Morrill, Thayer: Sequential Kidney Exchange [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Baillon, Aurélien and Bleichrodt, Han: Testing Ambiguity Models through the Measurement of Probabilities for Gains and Losses [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Bar, Talia and Gordon, Sidartha: Optimal Project Selection Mechanisms [Preview] [Appendix]

Bar-Isaac, Heski and Deb, Joyee: (Good and Bad) Reputation for a Servant of Two Masters [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Benjamin, Daniel J.: Distributional Preferences, Reciprocity-Like Behavior, and Efficiency in Bilateral Exchange [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Appendix]

Bhattacharya, Sourav; Deb, Joyee and Kundu, Tapas: Mobility and Conflict [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Blundell, Richard; Browning, Martin; Cherchye, Laurens; Crawford, Ian; De Rock, Bram and Vermeulen, Frederic: Sharp for SARP: Nonparametric Bounds on Counterfactual Demands [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Boleslavsky, Raphael and Cotton, Christopher: Information and Extremism in Elections [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Boleslavsky, Raphael and Cotton, Christopher: Grading Standards and Education Quality [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Appendix]

Bryan, Gharad; Karlan, Dean and Zinman, Jonathan: Referrals: Peer Screening and Enforcement in a Consumer Credit Field Experiment

Burlando, Alfredo and Motta, Alberto: Collusion and the Organization of the Firm [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Appendix]

Chambers, Christopher P. and Echenique, Federico: The Core Matchings of Markets with Transfers [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Che, Yeon-Koo and Sethi, Rajiv: Credit Market Speculation and the Cost of Capital [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Choi, Jay Pil; Jeon, Doh-Shin and Kim, Byung-Cheol: Net Neutrality, Business Models, and Internet Interconnection

Collard-Wexler, Allan: Mergers and Sunk Costs: An Application to the Ready-Mix Concrete Industry [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Dana Jr., James D. and Orlov, Eugene: Internet Penetration and Capacity Utilization in the US Airline Industry [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Danan, Eric; Gajdos, Thibault and Tallon, Jean-Marc: Harsanyi's Aggregation Theorem with Incomplete Preferences [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Dekel, Eddie and Piccione, Michele: The Strategic Dis/advantage of Voting Early [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Dziuda, Wioletta and Gradwohl, Ronen: Achieving Cooperation under Privacy Concerns

Edelman, Benjamin and Schwarz, Michael: Pricing and Efficiency in the Market for IP Addresses

Egger, Peter and Keuschnigg, Christian: Innovation, Trade, and Finance [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Einav, Liran; Kuchler, Theresa; Levin, Jonathan and Sundaresan, Neel: Assessing Sale Strategies in Online Markets using Matched Listings

Esponda, Ignacio and Vespa, Emanuel: Hypothetical Thinking and Information Extraction in the Laboratory [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Eswaran, Mukesh and Neary, Hugh M.: An Economic Theory of the Evolutionary Emergence of Property Rights [Preview]

Felgenhauer, Mike and Schulte, Elisabeth: Strategic Private Experimentation [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Forbes, Silke J.; Lederman, Mara and Tombe, Trevor: Quality Disclosure Programs and Internal Organizational Practices: Evidence from Airline Flight Delays [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Francetich, Alejandro: Becoming the Neighbor Bidder: Endogenous Winner's Curse in Dynamic Mechanisms [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Appendix]

Frenkel, Sivan: Repeated Interaction and Rating Inflation: A Model of Double Reputation [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Fuchs, William: Subjective Evaluations: Discretionary Bonuses and Feedback Credibility [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Gershkov, Alex and Winter, Eyal: Formal vs. Informal Monitoring in Teams [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Grether, David; Porter, David and Shum, Matthew: Cyber-shilling in Automobile Auctions: Evidence from a Field Experiment [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Hendel, Igal; Lizzeri, Alessandro and Roketskiy, Nikita: Nonlinear Pricing of Storable Goods [Preview] [Appendix]

Hopkins, Ed: Competitive Altruism, Mentalizing, and Signalling [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Iozzi, Alberto and Valletti, Tommaso: Vertical Bargaining and Countervailing Power [Preview]

Jeziorski, Przemysław: Effects of Mergers in Two-Sided Markets: The US Radio Industry [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Jeziorski, Przemyslaw and Segal, Ilya: What Makes Them Click: Empirical Analysis of Consumer Demand for Search Advertising

Kamada, Yuichiro and Kojima, Fuhito: Voter Preferences, Polarization, and Electoral Policies [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Karle, Heiko; Kirchsteiger, Georg and Peitz, Martin: Loss Aversion and Consumption Choice: Theory and Experimental Evidence [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Kennes, John; Monte, Daniel and Tumennasan, Norovsambuu: The Daycare Assignment: A Dynamic Matching Problem [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Levy, Gilat and Razin, Ronny: Preferences over Equality in the Presence of Costly Income Sorting [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Li, Tong and Zhang, Bingyu: Affiliation and Entry in First-Price Auctions with Heterogeneous Bidders: An Analysis of Merger Effects [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Maccheroni, Fabio; Marinacci, Massimo and Rustichini, Aldo: Pride and Diversity in Social Economies [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Maggi, Giovanni and Staiger, Robert W.: Optimal Design of Trade Agreements in the Presence of Renegotiation [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Appendix]

Miller, David A. and Rozen, Kareen: Wasteful Sanctions, Underperformance, and Endogenous Supervision [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Owens, David; Grossman, Zachary and Fackler, Ryan: The Control Premium: A Preference for Payoff Autonomy [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Özyurt, Selçuk: Searching for a Bargain: Power of Strategic Commitment [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Appendix]

Robbett, Andrea: Local Institutions and the Dynamics of Community Sorting [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Sampson, Thomas: Selection into Trade and Wage Inequality [Preview]

Shadmehr, Mehdi and Bernhardt, Dan: State Censorship

Siegel, Ron: Asymmetric Contests with Head Starts and Non-Monotonic Costs [Preview] [Appendix]

Spiegler, Ran: Competitive Framing [Preview]

van der Weele, Joël J.; Kulisa, Julija; Kosfeld, Michael and Friebel, Guido: Resisting Moral Wiggle Room: How Robust Is Reciprocal Behavior? [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]