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Ardagna, Silvia and Caselli, Francesco: The Political Economy of the Greek Debt Crisis: A Tale of Two Bailouts [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Auray, Stéphane and Eyquem, Aurélien: Welfare Reversals in a Monetary Union [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Bazzi, Samuel and Blattman, Christopher: Economic Shocks and Conflict: Evidence from Commodity Prices [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Bento, Pedro: Competition as a Discovery Procedure: Schumpeter Meets Hayek in a Model of Innovation [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Burstein, Ariel and Cravino, Javier: Measured Aggregate Gains from International Trade

Chahrour, Ryan: Public Communication and Information Acquisition [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Appendix]

Chanda, Areendam; Cook, C. Justin and Putterman, Louis: Persistence of Fortune: Accounting for Population Movements, There was No Post-Columbian Reversal [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Comin, Diego; Loayza, Norman; Pasha, Farooq and Serven, Luis: Medium Term Business Cycles in Developing Countries [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

de Blas, Beatriz and Russ, Katheryn Niles: Understanding Markups in the Open Economy

di Giovanni, Julian; Levchenko, Andrei A. and Zhang, Jing: The Global Welfare Impact of China: Trade Integration and Technological Change [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Fernández, Andrés and Gulan, Adam: Interest Rates, Leverage, and Business Cycles in Emerging Economies: The Role of Financial Frictions [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Hicks, Daniel L.: Consumption Volatility, Marketization, and Expenditure in an Emerging Market Economy [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Jappelli, Tullio and Pistaferri, Luigi: Fiscal Policy and MPC Heterogeneity [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Johnson, Robert C.: Trade in Intermediate Inputs and Business Cycle Comovement

Jung, Philip and Kuester, Keith: Optimal Labor-Market Policy in Recessions [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Kopecky, Karen A. and Koreshkova, Tatyana: The Impact of Medical and Nursing Home Expenses on Savings [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Kraay, Aart: Government Spending Multipliers in Developing Countries: Evidence from Lending by Official Creditors [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Mason, J. W. and Jayadev, Arjun: "Fisher Dynamics" in US Household Debt, 1929–2011 [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]

Misra, Kanishka and Surico, Paolo: Consumption, Income Changes, and Heterogeneity: Evidence from Two Fiscal Stimulus Programmes

Monnet, Eric: Monetary Policy without Interest Rates: Evidence from France's Golden Age (1948 to 1973) using a Narrative Approach [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Nagar, Venky and Yu, Gwen: Accounting for Crises [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set] [Appendix]

Sandri, Damiano: Growth and Capital Flows with Risky Entrepreneurship [Show Abstract] [Preview] [Data Set]